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She’s not “in hiding,” she’s not “on vacation” and she’s certainly not “running from the law.” Tonight, I had the chance to speak directly with Misty Cummings. She talked to me exclusivley, and she wants to begin to clear a few things up. Misty is reluctant to speak because she is concerned of the repercussions from the Cummings family, and what she refers to as “the twisting of her words in the media.” It’s being reported on cable news, (and in Misty’s defense, she is taking a beating every night on the networks, in particular Nancy Grace), that she has “run off” or “is on vacation” and refused to speak to police. Well, tonight I have learned that Misty did go to Orlando with a friend and, before they left, they stopped by the Putnam County Sherrif’s Dept. to check in. Misty claims she told the police where they were going, even giving them the address and phone numbers of where she can be reached in case anything breaks in the case, or they need to reach her. Misty needed to get away from the goings on in Satsuma as she grips with the news that her marriage to Ronald is over. I have learned exclusively, and Misty confirmed for me, that Ronald has filed for divorce. “It because of my family” Misty told me.

Perhaps it is the best thing for her, as she struggles with constantly being pressured to tell the truth about what happened that night, when she insists that she is telling the truth. I have promised to let her tell her side of the story, and clear up any discrepancies that are out there, and perhaps shed a little more light on what happened the night little Haleigh disappeared.

Perhaps now more than ever, no one wants closure to this nightmare more than Misty. And perhaps now because certain people involved in this case are now safe, and away from what they perceived as a dangerous situation, they will feel better about coming forward. And perhaps now, with this new development and the camps (families) involved divided, the focus of the investigation, and the media attention, will shift back to finding Haleigh. Stay tuned. This is the first in a series of interviews I will be conducting with Misty and posting over the next few days.



  1. Hope someone checks with the county clerks office to verify that he did infact file for a divorce. I’d like to see a record filed before I make an opinion of why she’s in Orlando. Somethings up.

    Ron, now distancing himself from Misty….that seems odd since 2 weeks ago he was supportive…I think now, that some of the mainstream media talk show guests are starting to speak up about Ron’s enabling of Mistys lies….he decides to do this. More smoke N mirrors IMO.

    BTW- Mizz Neves is starting to show the wear of worry all over her face. She needs to stay off of Nancy Grace if you ask me. GO MISTY!

  2. Assuming Misty had nothing to do with Haleigh going missing (and I don’t think she did), this is very very sad. Misty is just a child herself and has been through so much. I hope she is ok.

  3. Well, Steph, now we know where the exclusive from last week came from, I might note.. posted and then removed. So, you do know this person from Orlando, and I have rather believe that you two are working together on this. Well, I do hope your friend gets through to Misty for her to tell at least her part in this mystery and what she knows that will leads the PCSO towards the next path.. Finding Haleigh. As you twill around in Misty’s head you might realize that she does rather live in her own world. Does she think she’s done anything wrong. No, she doesn’t.
    Is it the Cummings Family she is frightened off? No, it isn’t. Than whom is she frightened of? Well, Steph you get that info out of her, you will lay the path to finding Haleigh.. But, in your amazement don’t forget to post the person’s name.. There are those of us who set back and wait for confirmation on who she is afraid of.. Its not Ron, or the Grandmas, or her Family members, So, we wish you alot of luck.. And we will be watching and waiting. Oh, by the way.. while you are in the midst of asking her questions, ask her a few for me..

    Why would she think Haleigh was with Ron the night Haleigh went missing?
    And was the vehicle she returned home in, fueled by Diesel?
    And how did she tear her pants, that she had to throw away, that were found in the trash?
    And Did she see people running from the house with Haleigh when she got home that night?
    Also, it was 1:30 when she walked in the front door, was she afraid she had gotten home late, and Ron was already at home.. Surprise he was working overtime, that she wouldn’t know about.. She didn’t answer her phone..

  4. Steph ~ Misty has been said to be consistent with inconsistencies. How can we believe anything she has to say if she won’t be truthful with LE? Until the proof is shown on the Clerk of Courts website that a divorce has been filed, I am not going to believe it.

    RC has all of a sudden become better than the Croslins and now filing because of Misty’s family? Hogwash.

    I shudder at the thought of what this is all doing to Butterbean. He is seeing the fights, etc. Yet another person in and out of his life.

  5. Misty has lied every time she has opened her mouth, so why do you believe this?

    FWIW, I also think Teresa Neves, Ronald, and Grandma Sykes are lying also.

    Ask Misty why Teresa would go on Nancy Grace last night and state that Misty has a friend paying for her expenses. This friend is supposed to be independently wealthy or has a husband who is independently wealthy. Teresa stated that Misty’s last getaway was paid for by her boyfriend. Ask Misty to come clean about all of this, Steph. BTW, Teresa’s boyfriend has passed a bad check and was charged with that, but yet now had money to pay for Misty’s Universal trip.

    Just another statement: Teresa and her facelift should be too embarrassed to go on national tv and lie when quite a lot of people KNOW she is lying. As far as I am concerned, Haleigh has only one grandmother that has ever been concerned about her and that is Marie.

    Steph, you are going to get burned again with your ‘sources’.

  6. Haleigh has only one grandmother that has ever been concerned about her and that is Marie.

    You have got to be kidding right? She wasn’t there for her own children growing up and Had a drug house and she didn’t have really anything to do with the kids before this. YEah the reason is so they can get more money to pay for outstanding taxes child support 4 wheelers and what ever. THEY have used haleigh missing for monetary in my eyes

    1. This same ole BS sounds familiar. I have never met any of them but I would feel way more confortable and trusting of Marie and Crystal than I would of any of the Cummings. They actions have spoken volumes.

  7. Steph ~ Don’t forget what LE said about Misty. She is a master at manipulation!

    All this drama the last 2 months has been about the players and not finding Haleigh. I am sure tensions are high because the public is not buying the stories anymore.

    If this is another ploy to make one look like the victim, shame on them.

  8. Diana – What facelift, wtf are you talking about? You are nuts, have you NOT noticed all the individuals in this case have lost weight? OMG are you seriously suggesting cosmetic surgery for TN, I swear to God, some of you nut jobs have no clue….Unbelievable!!!

    Please Steph, Bring HaLeigh home.

  9. If TN is your source…..consider it another round of This SHELL GAME!

    I call BS on a divorce and that they arent “getting along”. If there is a divorce….consider that another plan hatched by RAT GATE. Are we dizzy enough yet???

    I’ve had enough of the mind-games by this family!!!!! Enough is enough MISTY!!! Show your cards, and if you think this friend is a friend of hers….naw, just another KOOK inserting themselves into the case…..I beleive her so called new “friend” also took part in the searches for Caylee Ant!!

    On NG last night with Mike Brooks….he was saying how Misty wore the Haleigh button to Universal and got recognized, blowing her cover, thus making it sour grapes for poor RonBoy, so he couldnt meet up with her in Orlando……Well, Boo Effin Hoo! LIES! Why wear the button if you dont want to be recognized???? MORONS! We ain’t buying this one.

  10. Well you could start by asking her to tell the truth and lead LE to Haleigh’s body – oh but then the circus would be over and no one would be able to milk any more money out of this scam ! What a crock of crud !!! RIP Haleigh

  11. Misty is not a child. She is almost 18 years old, and has been married for 6 or 7 months now. She is a young woman.
    I will believe the divorce story when I see the documents.

  12. Marie and Crystal are taking the high road in all of the lies and mudslinging. I appreciate them for doing this and not joining the entire Cummings/Croslin circus.

    TN should be embarrassed to show her face on TV after all of her theatrics. I hope this divorce is for real and that someone can convince Misty to tell the entire truth, then keep her safe until she has.

    As for Ronlad, his image cannot be cleaned up as far as I am concerned. He is a lying thug. Actually a wannabe thug. He thinks he is so bad. He has quite a few lessons to be learned. No courage except with abusing women. His gun gives him false courage. May he one day meet up with someone who is really as bad as HE thinks he is.

    And BS, that is a great nic for you because that is what I think you are full of!

  13. When it comes to young girls, Ron seems to be prone to knocking them up and knocking them aound according to Crystal and what Nay Nay and White boy Greg apparently said Ron did to Misty too.

    She is so much better off without him. Somebody get that girl some training so she can make a decent living without having to depend on some abusive mama’s boy posing as grown man.

    She could write a book. Her life story. Right up to what happened that night and afterwards. Sell it. Sell some pictures to ABC Good Morning America. Tell the truth even if it means her life is threatened and just get the heck out of dodge city so no one can get to her.

  14. I really love how people use this “child” excuse for Misty. What a crock of BS! If she was big enough to play house, get married and be responsible for 2 children 24/7 (as she put it), then she’s big enough to GROW THE HELL UP and tell the TRUTH!

    Come on Misty! You are fully under the bus now, I hope you can see that. Fess up and give up the real perps of this crime!

  15. thats great that u got to talk to Misty but i am hoping that is for real and not another lie i would like to see the truth for once in this case. Haleigh deserves to be found!

  16. I have learned exclusively, and Misty confirmed for me, that Ronald has filed for divorce. “It because of my family” Misty told me.

    That would be the same family who found a decapitated rat in their mailbox. The rat that Saint Ronald put there?

    1. Ah, yes…. RC now thinks he is above the rest and become the righteous one…. NOT

      IMO, this is all a ploy. Let us not forget that Misty has been with RC for about a year and probably has a truckload of stuff to dish out. However, RC and clan have made it a point to see that anything and everything Misty says is to be discredited.

      Duck, the mud will fly soon or will it be more of a pile of manure.

      1. You have got to be efffin’ Kidding me.

        Ronald and Co. are NOT the reason that anything misty says gets discredited. Even Nany Grace got on Ronalds back TODAY, even after they filed for divorce he didn’t want to smack talk misty’s story and Nancy got pissed at him.

        I don’t know what story you have been following, but you sure are a lost cause.

    1. Keep in mind, after she talked to Tim, she said she was lied to and threw him under the bus. Don’t fall under the spell.

  17. Yes, Keri, but it said they will confirm it, althought “He has not filed yet.”
    If Mike is on I’ll enjoy watching the show….If NG is on….I’ll enjoy playing a board game with my kids! Screw it. More appearences by RAT Gate = more spin. I cant stand to see that skum on there pursing his mouth without expression or emotion…..did anyone notcie how he has that down to a science. Stoned faced and talks thru his teeth. LOL, I hope TJ WARD…….tapes everybit of it. Hands his lies over to LE on a silverplate.

    Steff, all ya have to say is, “you enjoy reading our responses” , dude, we’re arent enjoying having to write them!

    1. Well you he will never be charged if his mother work for the LE,their going to turn on just watch.Misty on the other hand she’s a locked up sister their going to throw everything at her except the kitchen sink.

  18. Steph, You really think you are going to get the truth from Misty? Give me a break! She does not tell the truth. Remember the polygraphs?

    If she has facts to tell then she should be talking only to the PCSO.

    Do I feel sorry for her because she is young? NO There is a little girl, HaLeigh Cummings, that is missing. Because of Misty , directly, PCSO do not have a time line and can’t go further with the case. Why don’t you worry about HaLiegh? Misty has had 17 years to live Has HaLeigh?
    ONLY MISTY KNOWS THE TRUTH. And very possibly Ronald Cummings too.

    I can’t wait to hear the lies she is going to tell you. Oh Boy!

  19. Miss Nancy, yes Miss Nancy, Oh Miss Nancy we need to focus on Haleigh and not on my life.When will you people understand my life is not where you people need to focus,Quit and concentrate on keeping Haleigh on the tv.
    Miss Nancy yes i got married, and cut off a rats head and placed it in a mailbox, and yes Miss Nancy i fought Mistys Brother, Also Miss Nancy we went to New York and all this took placee while the news media was more worried about what i was doing instead of keeping Haleigh on the tv.
    Yes Miss Nancy i will be on your show and sit here and show my ignorance while you people concentrate on me instead of my daughter.
    Miss Nancy.

  20. Steph do be careful because you are being played and so is the “friend” that picked Misti up, I am afraid.

    Misti learned a long time ago that she could lie and manipulate people, LE especially for monetary gain.

    I can prove what I am saying but I won’t put that proof here. If you are interested then email me and I will give you the proof of what I have.

    Be Careful here Steph, you could be the next one that Misti accuses of touching her and or raping her. Another thing that she has a history of doing to people that won’t do as she wants.

  21. Ronald Commings sat there tonight with that B.S. smirk on his face and i was proud of Nancy Grace at the end calling Ronald a Liar.
    A parent would show emotion at the loss of there child where was his, and not once did he plea for anyone to call in information about Haleigh.
    Please Law Enforcement put closure to this and arrest them all.

  22. Well with ronald mother working for LE I think their going to just look at misty and her family but not at ronald,It is sad while he was on NG he never tried to reach out and talk about finding haleigh. He was looking spaced out when nancy was asking him questions.That baby never had a chance with that nut

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