A Murder Victim Interrupts My Interview, To Forgive Her Killer…

About a year ago, I sat down with a medium named Gretchen, to talk about the murder of her best friend, Ellie Perkins. Ellie was brutally murdered by her son in their home back in 2003. The family practiced Scientology and Jeremy suffered from mental illness. Scientologists don’t believe in drug treatment or psychiatry for treating mental illness. Because of the family’s religious beliefs, jeremy didn’t get the proper medical care he needed. He was too mentally ill to stand trial and is now in a facility update New York. Listen as Ellie comes to Gretchen during our interview, and more importantly what she says.

Don was Ellies husband, and Danielle was her daughter, I was really tough on them during my investigation. Listen to what Ellie says to me at the very end. This video is about 5 minutes, Ellie joins us @ 2:00  in.


Password; deadly


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