An Honest Note From A Cop…

I just received this text from a good friend of mine who has been a great cop for 15 years in the one of most violent gang ridden cities in our nation…please read this…

“People think cops are a gang …like we should expect to be shot and hurt because it’s our job. The cops I know took this job to catch the bad guys and make the world safer. Some also took it just because it’s a good job …but that doesn’t mean they don’t also do a good job.
The whole “it’s us against them “is bs because some of us are “us” I grew up dirt poor. I’m not black… But I’m multi racial and I’ve seen prejudice in my life but that doesn’t mean you can defy authority and break the law. I work with whites blacks Asians Hispanics etc. who chose to do this job.
It’s sad when we’re made out to be the enemy. I’m starting not to care about “catching the bad guys” and more worried about whether I’ll go home at night and if doing my job will land me in federal court or prison or dead.
It’s a sad lately because I’d rather let the bad guys get away than to risk everything for people who don’t care about me.
Seriously I’m done. A job which use to give me so much pride… Now when people ask me what I do for a living, I lie…”


One thought on “An Honest Note From A Cop…

  1. Dear Officer,

    Regardless of angry people who have lost their way, there are many more people who are proud of what you do; and count on your nobility. There will be good cops and bad cops everywhere. Just as in any profession, there will be some who are passionate about their job; some who are there for a check; and some who lose their way. Unfortunately, you can not always foretell the actions of the devious minds. I grew up in a corrupt little town, but I have met some fine policemen and women, throughout my life. There are many who sill believe in the honor of a policeman. Saying all police are bad, is like saying all blacks are bad; or all whites are bad. You can not paint everyone with the same brush. Women and the homeless have had their issues with police as well, but we do not loot and destroy people’s property to get a point across. People get so caught up in their own plight and agenda, that they lose sight of a broader picture. There is more constructive ways to make change that will last. When Picasso painted, he would look at his art from different angles and use a mirror for a different perspective. It will take all of us to find solutions, because justice, respect, being valued, and heard, belonging, and to be loved, is what we all want as Americans, and as individuals.

    I will pray for your safety and I wish you many blessings.

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