What Happened To Bobbi Kristina? Exclusive New Information Inside The Criminal Investigation

As family’s members of Bobbie Kristina argue over removing her from life support, the investigation into what happened to her has now turned criminal, raising more questions than providing answers.

The criminal investigation focuses in on Bobbi Kristina’s live-in boyfriend Nick Gordon, (contrary to rumors, the 2 are not married) the couple’s friend, Max Lomas and a yet unnamed cable installer who showed up at the home. 

Bobbi Kristina has certain injuries that have piqued the interest of law enforcement. There is a history of violence between Bobbi Kristina and Gordon, and a history of violence between Gordon and other Houston family members.

Almost 1 year ago, in March of 2014, Whitney’s nephew, talented singer, songwriter and producer, Gary Michael Houston, got into a public brawl with Nick Gordon, Houston allegedly slamming Gordon to the floor for continually disrespecting the family, in this incident, showing up a formal family affair in a hoodie and ball cap. 

 Now police are looking into a possible altercation between Krissi (Bobbi Kristina) and Gordon in the early hours that Saturday morning before Bobbi Kristina was found submerged in a bathtub. The cable guy will be a crucial witness in the timeline of events that morning and the goings-on within that house, who was where, how they were acting ect.

Max Lomas, the couples friend arrived at the home at approximately 9:00am, Lomas, who was arrested 3 times for drug related incident –his recent arrest just last month, has now hired renowned criminal defense attorney Phillip A Holloway.

It’s being reported Lomas has requested immunity, which is interesting, but Holloway clarifies that it was in fact Lomas, not Brown’s boyfriend Nick Gordon, who first found Whitney Houston’s daughter on Saturday morning. “She appeared to be lifeless at that point in time. He pulled her out and he was the one who called 911 and initiated the medical process,” Holloway explains. 

So where was Nick this whole time? Lomas is attempting to resuscitate her, AND call 911 at the same time? What was Nick doing during this crucial time period. It’s now being reported that he was allegedly cleaning up blood.

Why was Max Lomas showing up at the couple’s home in the early morning hours on a Saturday?

Seems like every time Nick Gordon’s is in trouble he calls his buddy Max. Listen very carefully to this dashcam video (below) of Nick Gordon’s arrest for reckless driving back in Dec of 2012 posted on TMZ. In the very last few seconds as Nick is placed into the back of the police car, they allow him to make a call and he clearly says “Max” and then the officers says. ‘let me talk to him..”

Nick Gordan’s Reckless Driving Arrest; http://www.tmz.com/videos/0_f6oi6j9r/

The Houston family has distanced themselves from Gordon and it is reported he is not co-operating with police. At the time of this posting there is no word on who is representing Nick Gordon.

Amidst all this Bobbi Kristina remains on life support at Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital, just 4 days to the anniversary of her mother’s death in a bathtub back in 2012. Pray her family finds peace in whatever decision they make.

On a side note, Back in December of 2013, Lomas’s attorney, Phil Holloway weighs in on his thoughts on a brain-dead girl







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