When Chicago police responded to a 911 call what they found horrified even the most seasoned investigators.

3 year old Donnell Coakley, seen praying in this exclusive video, was found beaten to death with over 100 injuries to his body including severe injuries to his buttocks, legs, back, arms and head. He was missing patches of hair and had a large open wound exposing muscle on his left arm. Donnell also had burn marks on his body, and there was evidence from marks on his wrist that he had been bound and beat with an electrical cord. He was found with rotting muscle and dead tendons and bone, and if the other injuries didn’t kill him, his left arm would have had to be amputated, according to prosecutors. In addition to the injuries from being struck, prosecutors said the boy had a chipped tooth and trauma “to scrotum (possible burn) and anus. So who’s responsible? 3 adults have been charged with murder for this horrific crime, and whats’s so tradgic about this story and it was his parents and cousin.

Tylesha Griffin, 22, and Donnell Coakley Sr., 24, allegedly tried to warm their son’s body after Coakley tried to resuscitate Donnell Coakley Jr. Friday night. But Griffin didn’t call even 911 until hours later, well after the little boy took his last breath, and well after they purchased and smoked marijuana, feet away from the dead child’s body.

Tylesha Griffin, left, Donnell Coakley Sr., center, and Dominique Lott. (Chicago Police Department)chi-charged-in-childs-death-20141112


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