Clyde Hedrick’s Murder Trial -The Final Sentence

In the state of Texas, the typical sentence for involuntary manslaughter, for which Clyde Hedrick is charged in relation to the murder of Ellen Beason, is 2 years to 10 years behind bars. But, the state is able to bring in charges from other crimes prior to this incident In this case it was attempted arson committed in the state of Florida. This allows prosecutors to trump the charges up to 20 years max, which, in my opinion feels much more fitting to the crime. The states closing was powerful, reiterating for the jury the testimony of Clyde’s step-daughter, in very emotional testimony, told of repeated sexual abuse at the hands of Clyde Hedrick. The state used this to show the jury Hedrick’s is a repeat offender and although he’s now 60, is still a danger to society and should get the max of 20 years for the murder of Ellen Beason. Stand by jury is deciding the sentence of Clyde Hedrick’s.


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