Jury gets Case: 30 Years later, 30 Years Too Late

The jury deciding the fate of Clyde Hedrick’s has three options in charging Hedrick’s for the murder of Ellen Beason: Murder, or the lesser charges of Involuntary Manslaughter or Criminal Negligent Homicide.

The state did an excellent job of connecting the dots for the jury by connecting the witnesses. They reminded the jury of each witness and the states reasoning behind having them testify. A very smart move.

The defense is hinging their case on the fact that Clyde Hedrick’s has already been charged with abuse of a corpse relating to Ellen Beason. They reiterate Hedrick’s was convicted of that crime back in 1986, served his time even then the state had no evidence that Hedrick’s murdered Ellen Beason. They claim all these years later, the state still have no evidence that Clyde Hendrick’s actually murdered Ellen Beason.

Beside me in court is Ross, Ellen’s brother and several family members of other victims they believed Hedrick’s also murdered . Sadly they sit in silence as the state was unable to mention these other victims and unable to reveal the simple motive in this case. That Clyde Hedrick’s is a serial killer.

With no motive, no murder weapon, and no DNA, let’s see who the jury believes, and what verdict they render…


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