Breaking News: Jailhouse Snitch Says “Clyde Told Me He Killed Ellen”

A handcuffed and slightly reluctant jailhouse witness, a Max Stevenson, is on the stand testifying that he was incarcerated with the defendant, Clyde Hedrick’s. He testified that on May of 2013 he and 3 other inmates were in a conversation with Hedrick’s behind bars when Hedrick’s admitted what happened with Ellen Beason that July night back in 1984.

According to Stevenson, Clyde claims he and Ellen were partying at a sandpit that night when he passed out in his truck. When he awoke, he claims Ellen was floating face down in the water. Clyde claims he panicked and put Ellen’s body in the back of his truck and drove around trying to figure out what to do. Clyde claims when he discovered the location where Ellen’s body was eventually found, he removed her from his truck. As he carried her to her final resting spot he realized she wasn’t dead. He laid her inside an old couch in the field and bashed her head in with a table leg he found nearby. He body was later found inside that couch.

The defense attempted to discredit the inmate by pointing out the obvious to the jury, that he was currently incarcerated-highlighting his arrest record and time served but to no avail. Stevenson expressed he did not receive any time reduction off his sentence for testifying and expressed he has concerns about being viewed as a jailhouse snitch, but felt he had to do the right thing….



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