Botched Justice: Clyde Hedrick’s Murder Trial

Clyde Hedrick’s is suspected in the disappearance and murders of literally dozens of women dating back to the 80s, but he’s only on trial for one: the murder of Ellen Beason. This case was the inspiration for the movie “The Killing Fields” and inspired the search and rescue organization Texas Equusearch. It’s alleged he murdered the founder-Tim Miller’s-daughter Laura miller. Prosecutors even allude to her in court docs but never had enough evidence to charge him.

This is the sadly classic tale of a small town apathetic police dept. who treated the victims like lesser human beings because they believe them to be runaways, drug addicts or prostitutes, which was not case.
Police lost evidence and files relating to Beason’s case. The original Galveston County Medical Examiner, William Korndoffer, who is about to take the stand, lost 65 slides of crucial autopsy photos of Ellen Beason. His daughter who is his office manager, testified yesterday that they didn’t even have an x-ray machine and would often have to borrow one from a local hospital. She vowed to look for the missing slides when she got home last night, 30 years later and in the middle of a murder trial. Although Ellen’s skull was bashed, in Korndoffer concluded the case and manner of death were inconclusive. Clyde Hedrick’s was eventually charged with abuse of a corpse relating to Ellen Beason, and served less than a year in jail.

While all this was happening Clyde Hedrick’s was a free man, and many believe, including the DAs office, free to Murder several other women. Now, because of an apathetic police dept. an absent-minded medical examiner and all-round sloppy investigation, justice for all these victims hinges on the this trial. The murder of Ellen Beason.



3 thoughts on “Botched Justice: Clyde Hedrick’s Murder Trial

  1. Your statement “police dept. who treated the victims like lesser human beings because they believe them to be runaways, drug addicts or prostitutes” Is very reminiscent as to how HPD handle the Houston Mass Murder case, they paid no attention to missing persons reports in the early 1970’s as they though the boys were just runaways.

  2. I I agree. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. They are human too. Reporters are the owrst of all. Coming from a person that was in the court room boy these fellows must be baord. they can really make up stories to get the bucks rolloing. no matter who they hurt or tell stories on.

  3. Only a nincompoop could “lose” 65 slides of autopsy photos. Such nonsense. Good thing most of us are ‘sheeple’ who blindly believe everything we see and hear from the media & government as gospel. One day justice will be served and the victims shall be AVENGED.

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