Opening Statements In Clyde Hedrick’s Murder Trial

Both sides have just presented their opening statements to the jury. The state made a powerful presentation laying out the key witnesses including the victims best friend, Candy, who was with Ellen the night she disappeared. Candy was at the bar and will testify that she left Ellen with Clyde and then several days later Clyde actually showed her Ellen’s body and where he had disposed of it. Candy eventually led the police to Ellen’s body.

We will also hear from the Chief Medical Examiner who at the time ruled Ellen’s manner of death as inconclusive.

We will also hear from a former cellmate of Hedrick’s who will testify that Hedrick’s admitted killing Ellen. The cellmate alleges that Clyde claims when he stuffed Ellen in the sofa she was still moving. He alleges Clyde told him he grabbed a table leg to bash her skull in. This is key because is does several things. It identifies the murder weapon and it also verifies the manner of death. Ellen body was exhumed years later and after careful examination it was revealed her skull was bashed in. The medical examiner sticks to his original ruling and claims it was a post-mortum fracture, perhaps caused by her being dropped by staff at the funeral home. The state claims it was caused by Clyde Hedrick’s and the murder weapon was a table leg…stay tuned. This is about to get really interesting.


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