I Witness; “Killing Fields” The Clyde Hedrick’s Murder Trial

Part 1
Star witness Candy Gifford is on the stand. Candy was Ellen Beason’s best friend. She was married with 2 children but admitted that she had an affair with the defendant, Clyde Hedrick’s. Candy recalls the night Ellen disappeared as a beautiful warm Sunday evening, July 29th 1984. They went to the Texas Moon, a local nightclub for a fundraiser. Candy was with her husband and a few friends including Ellen. They met Hedrick’s at the bar but when Candy’s husband became jealous of Hedrick’s attention towards Candy, the couple left leaving Ellen behind at the bar with Hedrick’s. The next day Candy drives by the Texas Moon at 10:00am and notices Ellen’s car is still at the bar. She frantically calls Ellen’s parents (whom Ellen lived with) and they say she didn’t come home. She the calls Clyde and he’s says Ellen left the bar in a pickup truck with another man.

Candy continued to press Clyde for information as she felt he knew more than he was letting on. Days turned to weeks turned to months. Then one night, four months after Ellen disappeared, Hedrick had been drinking heavily and Candy had been pressing him particularly hard for answers as to what what happened to Ellen. According to Candy Hedrick’s said “let’s go” and he explained he was taking her to see Ellen. They drove to a secluded field where he removed old tires and revealed the couch. Inside that couch to the horror of Candy Gifford was skeletal remains. She quickly identified them as her friend Ellen because she recognized her necklace, a necklace Ellen was wearing the night she disappeared.

At this point the jury was removed and the defense started questing Candy about her testimony and it’s comparison to her testimony almost 30 years ago. Apparently they believe there are major inconsistencies. Stay tuned. It’s getting heated….


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