Clyde Hedrick’s Murder Trial; I Witness, Candy Gifford

Jury back and Candy continues her testimony. She admits she continued to see Clyde after he showed her Ellen’s body and she admits she even left her husband. She claims she was afraid of Clyde, not so much for herself but for her family, in particular her children. She claims she finally got enough courage to go to police. And that it was a particular incident that sparked her to do it. So what was it?

“I just couldn’t keep a secret anymore. I had to tell, it was the right thing to do..”

On July 7th 1985 Candy claims Hedrick’s showed up at her apt and destroyed it. He tore pictures off the wall and destroyed furniture while she huddled in the kitchen. After he left she realized how dangerous and violent he was and called League City Police Dept. She says she also called her husband and told him everything that happened and he accompanied her to the police station. She claims police drove her around to find the location of Ellen’s body but it was dark and she wasn’t feeling well so they agreed to try again the next day when it was light. The next day she took them to the area where Ellen Beason’s body was. Candy become emotional when the state showed her the crime scene location.  She was a slightly reluctant witness often changing the details of her story from her testimony 30 years ago, but although the details varied the facts remained solid, Clyde was the last person to see Ellen alive and he took Candy to the body, establishing he killed her and hid her body.

State rests.


One thought on “Clyde Hedrick’s Murder Trial; I Witness, Candy Gifford

  1. Without me no one would have ever known. He could have killed me if he infact did kill Ms. Beason. Guys like you make it hard for people to come forward. What about his sister Frances, Where is her name. What about his ex wife Debra darling? Never seen there names any where. taking about kill the messager. Guys like you need to learn respect when it is due!

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