Clyde Hendrick’s Murder Trial


In court. Just met Judge Lonnie Cox. A kind gentle man who greeted those of us here early in court with a handshake as he put his tie on. A few of the victims family members -those who believe Clyde murdered their lived ones- are here. Although Clyde is only standing trial for the murder of Ellen Beasom they are here for support and seeking some kind of justice.


One thought on “Clyde Hendrick’s Murder Trial

  1. Please keep me informed. Ellen & I were married for a short time, her maiden name was Simpson. Have not had any contact with her family since the funeral, so not certain whether her parents are still alive or not. At that time her parents lived in Clear Lake area. She also had 2 brothers. She had a lot of problems as a young adult, but according to her family, was just beginning to get herself straightened out & on the right track. Please post a pic, I will forever remember her fondly. If her family is there, please let them know I am following this & will pray for them to stay strong. This injustice has gone on long enough.

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