The Killing Fields: Justice Delayed

Today I start live coverage from Galveston Texas, of the murder trial of Clyde Hedrick. This case is another miscarriage of justice.

 Although Hedrick’s is suspected in the murder of dozens of women over the last 30 years -Murders that inspired the movie “Killing Fields” and the search organization Texas Equusearch- Hedrick’s is on trial for only ONE murder, that of 30 yr. old Ellen Rae Beason.

 But Kevin Petroff, the prosecutor heading up Hedrick’s trial, filed an unusual document directly referencing two other murders by name and, in a shocking statement has Hedrick’s admitting to killing 5 other women.

 So why is he only charged with ONE Murder?

 The document, known as “State’s notice of intent to use evidence of other crimes, wrongs or acts,” specifically mentions by name, two women who were killed in the 1980s. Heidi Fye and Laura Miller. Their bodies were found in a field in League City TX. Fye was found in April 1984, while Miller, whose father, Tim Miller, started Texas Equusearch “TXEQ” was found in February 1986 after disappearing in September 1984.

The state claims there is not enough evidence to charge Hedrick’s with Fye’s or Miller’s murder, but apparently there’s enough evidence to allude to the murders in state documents and present them as evidence at trial. Later today I will post the State’s Notice of Intent, pictures of the victims and videos from the family’s seeking justice.

Jury selection has just begun and the State expects to have a jury by end of day today and expects to begin opening statements first thing tomorrow morning.  I will be huddled with the victims families, many for the first time face-to-face in court with the man they believed murdered their loved ones.

It’s bittersweet for many of the family’s members in court, particularly Tim Miller, because without enough evidence to charge Hedrick’s with the murders of their loved one, justice hinges on the murder of Ellen Rae Beason…


One thought on “The Killing Fields: Justice Delayed

  1. Just wanted to thank you for what you are doing. I know it means a lot to Tim to have you here. Hope to see you soon.

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