The trial for Bolingbrook police officer Drew Peterson beings on Tuesday.

He has sat behind bars for over 3 years on 20 million dollars bond awaiting trial for the murder of his 3rd wife Kathleen Savio. It’s been 8 years since Kathleen Savio was found mysteriously dead in her bathtub and 5 years after Peterson’s 4th wife, Stacey Peterson disappeared, sparking the investigation in Savios mysterious death and ultimately filing murder charges.

Stacy and Kathleen’s family, and anyone who has every had contact with Drew peterson says he is slick, manipulative and controlling, even from behind bars.

That was apparent last week in court as Drew Peterson carefully studied and appraised every prospective juror who took a seat in the small Joliet courtroom. He nodded or shook his head when his attorneys asked whether to fight to keep them.  Essentially Drew Peterson selected his own jury, with, surprisingly, no argument from the state.

Is this an attempt by Peterson and his defense team to intimidate and control the jury? It was initially believed the jury would hear very little, if anything, about Stacy Peterson’s disappearance during trial. But, in an odd move by the defense she’s actually listed on the witness list. Opening up the possibility her name will be mentioned in court and a possible explanation to the jury as to why she can’t testify.

Having been in Peterson’s home and in his presence more times than I care to remember, I can predict he will do anything to communicate with the jury in an attempt to win them over and distract them from the facts of this case and charm them into a “not guilty verdict. Let’s hope the jury is a little smarter than that.



  1. Thank you for using her first name Steph. In most articles I read about her she’s referred to as either Savio or the third wife. It means more to me than you can know!

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