Everyone’s all teary eyed over the statement made by Fox News host Bill O’Reilly where he defended JCPenney for hiring Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesperson, except me.

In case you’re not aware of the controversy, a radical conservative group called “One Million Moms” attempted a “corporate hijack” campaign against JCPenney for hiring Ellen DeGeneres as their new spokesperson. They are upset that Ellen is an “out” lesbian and somehow feels this affects the moral fiber of their JCPenney shopping experience.

Anyways last night, while Mr. O’Reilly was on “The Insider,” weighing in on such pressing matters as Madonna and Demi Moore, he called the attacks on JCPenney and Ellen a “witch-hunt” comparing it to 1950’s McCarthyism. While everyone, including Ellen, gushed over his defense of her, what he said next brought back to reality the state of hate in this country.

“I understand why traditional Americans don’t want homosexuality in their face, they don’t want their kids to see it, I respect that, you need to know that, and don’t edit this out…”

Really? What exactly does this mean? I don’t even understand this statement, “in their face.” It’s not like a common cold, where if you’re in the same room as gays you might catch it. Or even worse, imagine if your KIDS were to see it, God knows they might catch it too. This statement is offensive and ridiculous. Homosexuality is not a learned behavior but hate is. Kids are going to grow up and learn that there are gay people in the world – actually a lot of gay people – and you can’t hide that knowledge from them forever. Trying to hide it from them is sending the message that something is wrong with being gay; that there is something to fear about it. It’s ignorant to think that if children are exposed to homosexuality, they will somehow become homosexual.

Frankly Mr. O’Reilly, I don’t want anyone’s sexuality in my face, hetero or homo. And I don’t want to be judged, labeled, discriminated against or feared because of my sexuality. Lets keep sex where it belongs…in the bedroom and if “traditional Americans” don’t like homosexual sex, then get out of our bedrooms. Until we teach tolerance and an understanding that some people are born with a certain preference – and that’s OK – we will continue to have to defend ourselves against groups like “One Million Moms” and defend ourselves against statements made by Mr. O’Reilly on behalf of “traditional Americans.”



  1. Now you’re doing the gay-ghetto reactionary thing of hating on Bill O’Reilly (who falls into all your enemy categories : Irish-American, Catholic, and actually from NYC-based Long Island, NY) as therapy to get over having to criticize African-Americans in your last posts. If you moved back home to Canada, you know, you wouldn’t have to make such an effort. You could just go on pretending the U.S. is how the college professors taught you it was: blacks united with gays against evil white heterosexual men, etc., the whole fantasy..

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