Brought to my attention by “MJ” on my blog, this story is another example of why we have so much work to do in the area of bullying and prosecuting hate crimes.

The young Atlanta man seen being viciously beaten in a video that has now gone viral called his attackers “monsters” who left him with scars that “run deeper than anyone will know.”

Brandon White, 20, (pictured) who was been brutally beaten and called “faggot” bravely spoke out about his attack. Brandon said that he “could have died” when he was gay bashed outside a convenience store in the city’s Pittsburgh neighborhood. He added that nobody should worry that they will be attacked “for just being a gay male.”
White’s assailants referred to him as a “faggot” on the video. Atlanta police are now hunting for White’s attackers, while FBI agents and federal prosecutors are examining the assault to determine whether a hate crimes prosecution is warranted. I say “yes” and the proof is caught on tape.

White said that he can’t identify his attackers and was  not aware that the attack was being videotaped. “I was very violated,” said White, who added, “Who’s to say they won’t come after me again…Who’s to say this time they won’t try to kill me.”

White believes that the filming of the assault–and the subsequent uploading of a clip online–was his assailants’s way of trying to draw attention to their barbarism. However, all they may have done is indicted themselves in a hate crime.                  By going public with his story  and cooperating  with authorities, White remarked, “I’m the brave one.”  I agree.

See the video the disturbing video here


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