Some people shouldn’t drink and tweet, Looks like CNN’s Roland Martin is one of them.  At least that’s a better explainantion than he came up with for a hateful tweet he sent out. During last nights Super Bowl, Martin sent the above tweet. He was responding to the near naked David Beckham ad for H&M that aired during last nights game. Perhaps he was responding to someone in his present company- but here’s what he said “If a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham’s H&M underwear ad, smack the ish out of him!”  

Nice. This is sad on so many levels, coming from a black man, whos’ community fights everyday against racism and intolerance. From a member of the media, who has a responsibility as a role model and a person of influence to do and say the right thing.  This is hurtful and hateful, and sends the wrong message to his thousand of followers -that if you’re different -if you’re a man who is attracted to men -you should be beat -Gay Bashed. WOW.

Martin then made things worse for himself after media-watchdog group GLAAD -they monitor how the LGBT community is being portrayed in the media- responded with their tweet “Advocates for gay bashing have no place at CNN.

Martin  then went on the defense, attacking GLAAD by tweeting “well you’re clearly out of touch and clueless with what I tweeted. Way too assume, but your way off base.” Probably not the route the CNN publicity department would have gone, had they had the time to intervene Martin’s tweets. Why would a black man in a powerful position in the media tweet something so stupid and hateful, then attack the group that defends the rights of others?

Words are very powerful, and hateful things like this should not be tolerated from anyone.  Wouldn’t Martin feel bad if one of his followers  actually took  his words to heed and “smacked the  ish” out of someone who commented  on Beckham.  Hate is  a contagious disease, and Martin seems to have an infection. I have a feeling this isn’t gonna end well for Martin. Should CNN fire Martin…I say “Yes”…



  1. “… coming from a black man, whos’ community fights every day against racism and intolerance..” Really?? You out-of-town gays (I’m in NYC) sure love your pc fantasies, don’t you ?

  2. Thank you for your response, just to clarify, I am from and live in NYC (Harlem actually) And as an anti-bullying activist, I condone negative language used against any group.

  3. All I have to say about his “well you’re clearly out of touch and clueless with what I tweeted. Way too assume, but your way off base” tweet is:



    1. Of course you weren’t born in NYC. So you’re not “from” here, you’re a visitor. Why would I call you an out-of-towner if you weren’t a transplant? And don’t call that doofus my “boy”. There is so much wrong in what you said, which is so typical of your kind who move here and try to push your political-correctness on the natives. First of all, regarding African-Americans, how are they fighting “every day against racism and intolerance”? Especially when the U.S. has a black president and..this Roland Martin character is (was) getting paid a fortune for talking about nothing? Secondly, who are the most frequent gay-bashers (physically) in NYC ?

  4. And if you were an “anti-bullying activist” you’d be posting about the gaybashing video from Atlanta (instead of about some trivial football-reporting doofus) but…for obvious reasons…the Manhattan transplant pc crowd will hide from that one.

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