I’m so tired of politicians using gays as the “something shiny over here” tactic every time  they need a distraction from real issues, particular during election time, and particl house-wives around as an example of how things should be. Well people, practice what you preach I say.  Now Newt Gingrich, Presidential Candidate – and vocal opponent of gay marriage -who affirmed his support for a constitutional amendment banning same -sex marriage, finds himself in a lot of hot water. Gingrich, wants to preserve marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Really?? Well Newt, not according to your ex-wife who says tonight in an exclusive interview with ABC News that YOU actually wanted an OPEN marriage…Last time I checked that was the union of one man and as many women as he could get his fat greasy little piggy on. According to Gingrich’s ex-wife Marianne Gingrich, she claims  Gingrich asked her for an open relationship and if she didn’t give him one, Callista -who he was having an affair with and is now married to- would.  Now thats what I call preserving the sanctity of marriage. “She doesn’t care what I do”  Newt said, according to Marianne. I mean can you blame ? who would really have sex him anyways…ugggg..just saying….



  1. Well, I would like to comment. What does Newts troubled marriage have to do with someone marrying someone of the SAME sex? Nothing at all! He divorced, as he should have. Not saying its right to not be committed, but I think you should whine about real issues. Like our current Presidents lack of turning this economy around! Cant blame anyone now. Hes been Pres. for how many years now?? How about focusing on jobs, and not gay marraige right now!

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