As all eyes are focused on the outcome of the “Trial of the Century” in Florida, aka – The Casey Anthony case-  one mom, so desperate for help to find her missing son turns to Craigslist.

It should not be like this. A mother, Heidi Real,  so desperate to find her 25-year-old son Josh Ryan Thurlo, missing from centennial CO since June 17 has been posting on Craigslist looking for answers . On July 3rd  Heidi posted 2 adds looking for them on Denver’s Craigslist community board

Click here to see 1st posting

Click here to see  2nd posting.

I spoke to Heidi over the weekend and she said no one has searched for Josh. Here’s the really sad part, Heidi and Lauren, Josh’s fiance, are the only 2 that have actually searched for Josh.

Here’s what we know, Josh sounded distraught when he called his mom on the evening of June 17th. They arranged to meet at a local McDonald’s. Heidi had to drive over an hour. by the time she arrived Josh was not there and was never sen again. Why should Heidi have to go through this alone?  No one should have to turn to posting on Craigslist looking for answers as to what happened to her son.  If you have any info on Josh please call the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Dept. at 303-795-4711.



    1. Thank you all! Heidi, Josh’s mom and Josh!
      Kris, if you are out there, I can’t find you! I can be found on FB at “Find Joshua Ryan Thurlo” Thank you for all your support last night!!

  1. My comment is, is that I pray to God that this young man is found unhurt. There are so many people that prey upon people that are down or depressed over life. They don’t understand that things can change over night for any one of us. That at times when we go through these low times in our life, is when we reach out to our creator for help. He is only a whisper away, He will always be with you, to guide you if you will give him the time to do so.

  2. I pray that you find your son, I to have a son and I would be worried sick. But I hope you put your trust in God to bring him home safe and sound to you.There are so many people out there thinking there is no hope,but life can change so quick and turn the negative to a positive if only given half the chance.So don’t ever give up on anyone, especially your Son.

  3. I just wanted to let everyone know that it has now been over 3 months since there was any sighting or word from Josh. I am still very unhappy with the way LE is handling the case as a lot of new “suspicions” have come up and yet they still keep blowing me off. All I can say is that I hope they are investigating and just don’t want me to know or something. I have been up there and searched so many places and NOTHING. Still posting on CL and putting flyers up. I won’t give up.
    Just wanted to post an update.

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