1. Yes, I could and would sentence Casey to death. She wasn’t my definition of a young “mother.” Rather a young monster. God bless little Caylee.

    I don’t know who will get the interview, I just hope it’s not Nancy Grace or JVM, I’m so tired of their screaming!

  2. I think without the mitigation of mental illness, the taking of a child’s life is a horrific thing. There are no winners. But yes, I could. There are seven nieces/nephews in my life and the mere thought of what has transpired is beyond upsetting.

    1. You raise an interesting point.. She’s clearly mentally ill. i would have played that card out of the gate if i was defending her.. I believe a jury would find it hard to death sentence someone deemed mentally ill.

      1. I don’t think she is mentally ill. I believe she is a spoiled brat who was used to getting what she wanted. I believed her parents were strict as far as her going out and doing things and so therefore she began lying to them knowing that they would believe her. I believe she knew if she lied she could get away with anything and became very good at it. Her mom finally became tired of it when Caylee was born and wanted her to straighten up and Casey was having too much fun. I believe she had been putting that child in the trunk of the car to go and party for so long and that is where the nanny came in. It had been working but for some reason this time it went too far.

      2. She is not mentally ill. She is a psychopath. There is a difference. She is very cold and calculated. I would pull the plug on her in an instant. She is a baby killer.

  3. I feel sorry for her parents. They have lost a precious granddaughter and now possibly losing their daughter. I believe she should get the death penalty but a part of me looks at her parents who have suffered already so much. Maybe life would be enough. I don’t believe Nancy Grace will. Maybe Geraldo will since he is constantly siding with her.

    1. She never was a Mother. She never raised that child. She should be never aloud to have another child to murder. You know there have many cases where a donor-Mother killed their child and had another one and did the same. Psychopaths.

  4. From the first day Caylee Anthony’s little face flashed on the screen and it was announced that she had been missing for 31 days, I knew Casey Anthony had something to do with it.

    Could I sentence a mother to death?
    If I have to call Casey Anthony a mother then yes I could, as I could have sentenced Andrea Yates and Susan Smith to death. However, I feel it is a smack in the face to all mothers myself included to have to share that title with Casey Anthony. She is not a mother nor was she. She carried and gave birth to a child, but to be a mother is to bring these miraculous little creatures into this world, love, nurture, teach and above all else protect them.

    Casey Anthony is not mentally ill, she is a spoiled brat who put herself before anybody else, and never learned action and consequence. She never intended to have to be held accountable for this, and watching her even now, she still only cries when something pertains to her.

    As far as who will get the interview? I would love to see every network refuse to pay for an interview.

    1. I agree with you 100%. They would have to be total morons to give her any airtime space. She does not deserve to breath any air. She is pathetic and a psychopath. She was never a Mother. Only a donor. Disgusting.

  5. She is not mentally. She is a straight up and full blown, dangerous psychopath. Life is all about her and her spin of lies and drama. She didn’t mind killing her daughter, she didn;t care in the least. Just another thing to discard in her mind. She thought she would get away with it, seems as though she will not. When I look at Casey Anthony, I see Diane Downs.

  6. Having a baby doesn’t make you a Mother and Casey Anthony is proof of that. Casey sentenced Caylee to die and Caylee didn’t get a trial either. Caylee was a healthy beautiful two and a half year old with her whole life ahead of her and Casey chose to just snuff it out and throw her away like garbage, so yes in this case i could sentence Casey to death. Casey is not mentally ill in my belief, yet rather a pathological liar spoiled by her parents and hated Caylee for getting so much attention from cici and pappa jojo and Rotten Casey couldn’t stand the competition, as she wanted all the attention and doting to be only about her. She is pure evil and i pray she never walks on the outside of prison for the rest of her life if she escapes not getting the death penalty.

    1. I agree with you 100%. However, there have been other murderers that have been found not guilty including the one they keep associating ( the OJ Simposon case) with. I hope she is found guilty. They poor little girl did not have a chance with that monster mother of hers Casey. I hope her family can get the help they truly need in dealing with all of this torment she has put them through. People should support her family cause they are under an extremely stressful situation.

    2. She will never be free. Karma will get her. She will be her own worst enemy. You can’t commit a horrific crime like that and get away with it. Could you imagine having to look over your shoulder everyday? Not gonna be fun. Her day will come one day. She will rot for what she has done. Praise God. God Bless Caylee.

    1. I don’t know but she does not deserve to make any more money off her child !! Any money she may have gotten in the past or chance of getting now should go straight to her parents and not to that idiot lawyer of hers.

  7. Since FL carried out the DP for Ailene Warnos, who’s clearly mentally ill on video…. I don’t think they’ll have anything against giving the same to Casey Anthony… If anyone deserves it… it’s the person who would callously duct tape a baby & toss the baby in the woods to rot in the elements & be eaten by animals. Just sickening!!!!

  8. Hi I was down in florida when the remains of Calee Anthony were found. At that time and since then I beleive this family is very screwed up and also mixed up. I was in the hospital in orlando, fla. I beleived this child was murded by the Grandfather and Grandmother and also the Son. It will come out in the defenses part. And no i would not put this Mother to death as i beleive she has suffered enough. Recently in our area here in pa. a youg lady had a baby girl, two later the husband took the infant girl and behind where he works and in the woods he took a cinder block and hit it twice and killed it and buried it. Then he went to some friends and bragged about what he done saying he and his wife could not afford to raise her. Now if that isn’t a crime i don’t what is. But this case in florida is a 3 ring circus.

  9. I would be able to sentence Casey to death, I think, but, it would be difficult. In my heart she is a sociopath, a person with mental health issues; needs treatment; (someone who has no sense of right or wrong, no empathy for anyone but herself, a person with no conscience, and is unable to be reabilitated). So give her medical treatment.
    In my mind, she is a “cold blooded”, jealous, conniving, lethal killer (she planned this at least 3 months in advance.) She never wanted Cayley. She was forced to have her and she would get her revenge and did!

  10. I would be the one to pull the switch. Baby killing witch. She’s a scumbag. Nasty tramp. She is a murderer. She will pay one day for her sins. She committed the ultimate one. She is and never was a mother. She doesn’t know the meaning of a mother or lady. Lady tramp is all she knows.

  11. Are you retarded? You have to have a child to be considered ‘a mother’
    Casey killed her daughter=no kid, furthest thing from a mother I’ve ever seen.

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