“Ugly things. Secret things.” Casey Anthony’s Attorney Jose Baez.

Casey Anthony and Caylee Anthony

As the trial of Casey Anthony, accused of murdering her daughter, Caylee Anthony get underway in a Florida courtroom, it seems no one is out of the line of fire of “Who Done It?”

Day 2 of the trial and the defense has thrown Casey’s dad, George, under the bus saying he sexually molested his daughter and helped cover up the death of his granddaughter. “George Anthony took certain steps to make sure he was as far away from this situation and that Casey would end up taking the blame for this,” Baez said. Then it was Lee’s turn; Casey’s brother. The defense said Lee made sexual advances towards his sister Casey and was paternity tested to see if he was the father of Caylee. Then, to muddy the waters further, Casey Anthony’s attorneys even threw her under the bus, saying “there’s something wrong with this girl”

The defenses main theory is that Caylee drowned in the pool. So why would an entire family cover up an accident?? But here’s what strange. I remember being in the house shortly after this story broke, myself and Mark Fuhrman. George and Cindy were taking us on a detailed tour of the house including the backyard where they let very few, other reporters in. They showed us the towering bamboo, the shed that investigators had moved, the gates and 3 other sheds that George says were always locked and most importantly the pool. It was an above ground pool, and Cindy commented, in detail that she remembers that she had left the ladder down the dy after Fathers Day. She was very clear about this as she stated that she always left the ladder up, so Caylee couldn’t get up it but she remembered that day that she forgot, and had left it down. I found it interesting that this came up in court today. Either she told this story to Casey and Casey is using it to make up a new defense or it’s true. Looking at Casy’s track record, she’s not exactly the fountain of truth-be-told.

My guess is that George had no idea what the defense had up their sleeve. And if George Anthony was involved, why hasn’t he been charge with a crime? I can only imagine what’s in store for Cindy. Nice work Casey, you may have murdered your daughter and butchering the rest of your family in trial.


10 thoughts on ““Ugly things. Secret things.” Casey Anthony’s Attorney Jose Baez.

  1. So, Steph, not to be nitpicky here, but which is the real story? I think that you are misinterpreting Cindy stating that the ladder was down as meaning in the down position, where Cindy is stating that it was down, as in removed and laying on the ground. Here is what Mark Fuhrman stated on Greta’s show:

    On the Record w/Greta – “Behind the CSI Return to Caylee’s Grandparents House” 08/06/2008:

    VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Now, the business about the — there’s a pool in the back yard, and there’s something about the ladder connected to the pool. And in fact, if you can just stand over on — I’ve actually got a picture, so you can explain the significance of new information on the ladder and the pool in the back yard. What is the story on this ladder?

    MARK FUHRMAN, FMR LAPD HOMICIDE DETECTIVE: Well, it’s interesting. You know, the grandparents are telling me that on the 16th, when Casey and Caylee are leaving that morning at 12:50 — the previous night, Cynthia, the grandmother, and Casey swam in the pool. After they were done, they take me ladder, which snaps off, and then they take the ladder away from the pool so Caylee can’t climb up it by herself. Now, nobody swam in the pool after that night on Sunday. Nobody swam there on Monday. And then Tuesday morning, they noticed that the ladder was back up on the pool, hooked up, and the gate on the side of the house was open. So it’s interesting information considering the activity that preceded — you know, preceded that on the day before.


  2. I believe Baez just signed Inmate Anthony’s death warrant. He has sunk to a new low…but he keeps bringing up the monies made off Caylee’s photos/videos and his hand was in that same cookie jar…Why hasn’t the State brought that up? Inmate Anthony made over $250,000 and owes the IRS over $68,000 for unreported income…


  3. Heartbreaking that up until 6 weeks ago, Cindy thought Inmate Anthony couldn’t have harmed Caylee…now that the defense feels the need to lie at the opening statements, I do hope it falls flat and those jurors see this is just another elaborate lie. George was at an interview, Cindy was at work and those flurry of calls to her parents on June 16, 2008, started around 4pm….this will show that George could not have done what the defense has stated at OS…still Baez is not allowing Inmate Anthony to accept responsibility for her actions, she places it in George’s lap…I believe the defense just lost all credibility…I just hope those jurors use common sense and can see this is all another lie…My heart goes out to George, Cindy and Lee…I do hope they now become Caylee’s voice..JMHO

    Justice for Caylee

    1. I agree with you LindaRose. I feel so sorry for George, Cindy, and Lee also. People have made so many negative statements about them but I would be the same way I believe if I had to be in their shoes. On one hand you loose you precious granddaughter to find out your daughter may have done it and now faces the death penalty in which you may have to help send her there. I believe that her defense attorney is a crook and I believe he will make a lot more money off Casey when all this is over ! Please pray for the Anthony family. My heart goes out to them.

  4. Casey is guilty of being a victim of molestation by her father and brother. Did those two also molest Caylee too? Maybe that’s why George orchestrated the cover-up after Caylee drown in the pool.

    Makes sense.

    1. YES!!!….i thought that would be the only reason George would help hide caylee’s body..so that no one would find she was sexually molested….I thought I was the only one that thought that same thing…And I also think that when Casey talks about how Zinida took Caylee from her..She’s really talking about her father doing that.

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