Cindy Anthony outside her home addressing the media

Casey Anthony and Caylee Anthony

On this mother’s day I can’t help but think about Cindy Anthony. Cindy is Casey Anthony’s mother- and grandmother of Caylee Anthony. As I’m sure you’re aware, Casey Anthony sits behind bars accused of murdering her daughter Caylee.

No matter what you think about Cindy, this must be a heart wrenching day for her – her granddaughter’s body found just down the street from the home they still live in, and her daughter accused of the crime about to stand trial starting tomorrow am – well jury selection start tomorrow but that’s technically the start of the trial – certainly the start of the media circus. Sadly for Cindy, the eve of her daughter’s murder trial is also Mothers Day

I texted Cindy to let her to know I was thinking of her on this difficult day and I had her in my prayers. She replied right away with a simple “Thanks”

I have seen Cindy and George’s journey through this nightmare – and their journey through the media -from the onset. The circus outside their home when this story first broke was unfathomable. People screaming at George and Cindy as they entered or exited their home -calling them murderers – it truly was a modern day witch-hunt. People from all over the country – who had no business being there, and who knew nothing about the facts – drawing conclusions – becoming Judge and Jury, right there on George and Cindy’s front lawn

I have to say George and Cindy and Lee have always been very kind to me. I was taught not to sit on judgment of others and I always take people for face value – how they treat me -that’s all we can do – and every time I was in their home they offered me food and drink and we would sit for hours and talk and they would try to piece to together the puzzle of what happened that time that Caylee disappeared and they would share stories of the nightmare their lives had become. I like them – no matter how they have been portrayed in the media.

What they have gone through and are about to go through starting tomorrow is an absolute nightmare. No one can judge them for their actions. They are Grandparents of a murdered grandchild and the parents of the mother accused of the crime. Put yourself in their shoes. Cindy gets criticized for her tireless support of her daughter. Whatever happened between them in the past is just that- the past. Whether you agree with it or not, I have to admire Cindy for her public loyalty and commitment to her daughter. This is America and Cindy Anthony has the God given right to say she doesn’t believe her daughter murdered Caylee. She has the right to support her daughter. So it made me sad when I learned that Casey didn’t want to see her mother, days before her trial for murder is about to begin and 2 days before mother’s day. The only visitors Casey has had in months in her defense team. After what she pulled off with not reporting her daughter missing for 30 days – she should be grateful to still have the support of not just Cindy but George and Lee.

Honestly, how many people can say they have someone in their life that is that committed to them? We could all use a friend like Cindy Anthony.



  1. I have to say, I do understand what you are saying here. First and foremost, I would stand behind my child to the end. I may not support them breaking the law, ( depends on which law) but I would totally support their rights to a fair and just trial. I felt a huge saddness for Cindy when I heard that 911 call and she said she hadn’t seen her granddaughter for 30 days and Casey wouldn’t tell her where Caylee was at. Then when she commented the car smelled like a dead body had been in it, I wanted to cry. It wasn’t that she or George or Lee stood behind Casey, and still do. It was all the differing stories that was told that made me say hmmm. Still, I think it incredibly selfish Casey refused to see her mom and didn’t want her or her dad to sit in court during trial.

  2. Come on, Steph. Quit drinking the Kool Aid. Trust me, Cindy Anthony is the LAST person I would want for a friend. As a Grandmother, I do feel sympathy for the murder of her Granddaughter but, that’s as far as my sympathy goes. Cindy has brought much of this public disdain on herself with her mouth and her actions. She can’t even keep her attorneys. She refuses to work, she has compromised the investigation, she has threatened the investigators, she has lied, she has exploited Caylee for money and the list goes on.

    If this is the kind of friend you want, go for it buddy. As for me, I’ll take someone with character, morals and honesty as my friend.

    1. Gladys you say the friends you look for have to be full of character, morals and honesty and cold hearted as you. It’s people like you that scare me when I think that you could be someones mom or grandmother. I would like to see how much character, morals and honesty you would show the world after finding out your grand daughter was murderd and your daughter was going on trial as the murderer. Cindy has shown some crazy things since this has all come about but dont forget every thing she has said or done has been recorded . There is is no where for this family to be away from the press and YOU can go any where without worying about who or what is sitting next to you listening to every word and action you do ready to print it for the world to hear. Cindy does not have that any more .

      I think you would be better off praying for this woman and her family rather than crucifying her for not knowing how to act after having her whole life out on print and video for all to see after such a terible ordeal she has gone through and is going to go through as the trial starts. And to top it all off Casey will be saying at the trial that Cyndy, George and Lee were what caused her to kill Caley., Give this famiuly a break.

      1. Mike, thank you for your response. I do respect your opinion though obviously, you don’t know me. I AM a grandmother of 8 beautiful grandchildren and I have suffered through the horrid murder of a family member, though not a child.

        Having a loved one murdered is one of the worst tragedies any person could suffer and I would imagine more so if it’s a child. Throughout the years, I have spoken with many others who have as well. Unfortunately, many people have suffered this same kind of hell. Though it has changed every single person’s life, including my own, none of us have lost our sense of character, honesty nor morality. We have gone through investigations that sometimes take years. Every aspect of your life is under a microscope. Nothing remains private or sacred from that day on. The stress and heartache at times seems unbearable.

        I am not cold hearted by any means and I do pray for everyone who has been affected by this horrid tragedy, including Casey. I will not however give anyone a pass, be it Cindy, George or anyone else, to deter justice for this innocent child. For Cindy to support Casey is one thing and that I could understand. To impede the investigation, outright lie repeatedly, attempt to destroy the lives of innocent people, exploit Caylee and any number of other actions she has taken, is reprehensible. I know of no other person who could or would do that.

        The bottom line is, Caylee has been lost in all this. The innocent baby that trusted those who cared for her, loses again.

  3. Good morning. Gladys you are right about everything you said here. People forget that the truth about things can not be bent just to spare anyone punishment. As much as it would kill me to see anyone I love pay for murder I would have to hate the crime but love the one who did it. How do these bleeding hearts think Casey became this crazy? She has lived with a family that twisted everything to get what they wanted. Cindy even has ex coworkers that can testify they had to deal with Cindy’s twisted ways when they worked with her years ago. Let the truth come out and pray to God for the sinner. We can be forgiven by God but we all must pay for our sins.

  4. I do agree that the family has given loyalty and support to casey. my heart goes out to cindy george and lee. i have 2 kids that are my world, i dont know how i would react. what i dont agree with is, the parents backing her up by lying, obstructing justice and not be a voice for caylee. George and Cindy have responsibility to Caylee as well as casey. i believe grand child is doubly their child. they can give her support but by going back on their original testimony making up lies they are not being responsible grandparents. i dont believe casey was abused but what i do see hear is a pattern of giving casey whatever she wants, a very spoiled girl. i hope one day, george, cindy and lee can have some king of normality in their lives again, and i hope the sun will shine for them again. if they do the right thing, support casey but not cover up for everything would be a lot better. casey is throwing her parents under the bus because she knows she can push her family around. george and cindy need to stand up any say we love caylee, we love casey but we will not condone her actions. they know she is guilty

  5. I sincerely applaud you for speaking out here with such compassion and warmth. It’s never easy to stand up for something in the minority – and always so much easier to sit back and condemn.

    Thank-you … xoxo

    1. This is turning out to be the trial of the century, at least in the state of Florida. Everyone has opinions about how George & Cindy have handled everything. Luckily, they are not on trial. I personally believe that Casey is guilty and she deserves the death penalty. Right now she is trying to get the jury to allow her to be incarcerated for the rest of her life, where she will create a “make believe” world behind bars and live happily ever after. She is a compulsive liar and a psychopath in every sense of the word. I pity her family. I hope they wash their hands of her once and for all. May they find comfort and peace through our Lord Jesus. ♥♥ JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE ♥♥

  6. I feel terribly sorry for Cindy and George Anthony and what they are going through. Not ony have they lost a grandchild, but they have ‘lost’ their daughter as they ‘knew’ or perceived her- that fantasy is over. it has to be hard to have to face the allegations of their daughter against George and her brother and to have to see all the evidence of their daughter’s lies. This is a horrible re-victimization of the innocent people in this story perpetuated by their spoiled, self-centered daughter. It seems clear to me that the grandparents had such a godo relationship with their granddaughter in part because they had to since Casey seemed to be quite an immature child who herself was dependent on her parents. I think Casey resented her mother’s relationship with her daughter, hated that her daughter loved her mother, hated the responsibility of having a child which cramped her style, and that Casey was just narcissistic enough to think she could get away with it. Thoughts and prayers to Cindy and George.. it’s heartbreaking to watch the testimony.

  7. My heart goes out to Cindy and George. I saw and felt the pain of a Mother and Grandmother on the stand. I have them in my prayers for God to give them the strength to get through this horror. God bless them both.

  8. I sure wish I knew if my message would get through to either Cindy or George. I seldom (if ever) feel compelled to share my thoughts and feelings regarding matters that have no impact on me, but for some reason, the events of the Anthony’s family have touched my wife and I deeply. I am losing my beloved wife and best friend to Stage IV Cancer, so while I at least still have my beautiful friend with me now, I cannot even fathom living my life once she’s no longer here to share it with me. The silence in your home, George and Cindy, must be DEAFENING.

    I cannot believe the defense’s theories and how little (if any) integrity Baez and his merry band have displayed…it’s MIA entirely on thier part. More venomous accusations and words could NOT be spoken again a parent, Geroge. You don’t know me and probaby never will, but if it means anything, I don’t buy a word of the defense for a single moment.

    I know I often lack the strength I need to face my day to day struggle with my Nanc. All I can wish for you both is strength and the knowledge that you really are okay, even if everything feels like less than remotely okay. For you both, I want you to nave peace of mind and heart. May it come for you sooner than later.

    My best to you always,

  9. I am somewhat outraged to see Cindy lying on the stand last week; even though it’s obvious that she is only trying to save her daughter’s life. Maybe she feels that LIFE in prison for Casey would be easier for her to cope with than a DEATH sentence for her only daughter. I hate to see brother Lee also participating in the lies to save Casey. I guess it’s all in the name of family loyalty? Either way, Cindy & George’s lives have already been destroyed. I just wish everyone would let the chips fall as they should. I am convinced of Casey’s guilt. I doubt that she will receive the death penalty, even though she deserves it. Let’s just hope the jury finds her guilty on all charges.

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