Judge Belvin Perry, presiding over the Casey Anthony case set to begin May 9th, denied objections from media outlets that are upset about his plan to limit news about where jury members will be selected for the murder trial. Judge Perry said he is doing this in the interest of providing Anthony with a fair trial. Perry said the coverage in this case has “never been seen in the history of this state” and maybe dwarfs coverage of the O.J. Simpson case. Several media outlets filed a motion Thursday asking the court to reconsider a confidentiality agreement related to jury selection in the case. Casey Anthony was in court for the hearing. As we all know by now, Anthony, 25, is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony in the summer of 2008. I covered many cases over the years and covering jury selection is like watching paint dry. And it doesn’t rate for the networks. Particularly in this case, I feel for the jury. They have a right to privacy. But I predict every aspect, every tidbit that the media can dig up about the jury members lives will be swallowed up by the press and trial followers. Stay tuned.



  1. I agree with Judge Perry. There’s absolutely no reason the media has to know days in advance of the venue, except for ratings. It will be less than a 2 hour drive away and if the media finds out the day before, they will have ample time to get there, set up their equipment and broadcast. Kudos to Judge Perry.

    I pity the news agencies involved if this is taken to the Appellate level and a trial delay is incurred.

    1. I agree too. This jury -as all jury’s are- will be under a tremendous amount of pressure. Knowing that the judge is doing his best to shield them from the circus will hopefully help them focus on the FACTS of this case.

  2. Allow me to add my name to the list of “idiots” who have chosen to exercise their first amendment rights to discuss this case in a public forum.

  3. There was a murder trial back in the 90’s here in Canada. The Paul Burnodo case where he and his wife were on trial for killing 2 teenage girls in there area., The judge in the case put a publication ban on the case. This was for Canadian press but the US press could print any thing about the case in the US. Also the press was not aloud in the court room. Living close to case I did’nt Know much because of this ban. This coud never happen in the US. There is to much info about a case long befiore the trial that it cantaminats the potetial jury .

    The proiblem in the US is CNN and FOX news having 24 hrs coverage of the up to date reports of any findigs in the case that you could`nt find any one in the word that does`nt know about the case before stepping inside the coutroom. There is no need to allow the press to know every little detail of how the investigation is going . The Sherifs go out to do press confreses to have thier 15 min. of fame without any thought of what this does the familys involved. Quite often you here onr of the family members say that they herd about the death of a loved one though the media. There in no reason for the press to have this much info wile the investigation in ongoing. We all have rights but the freedom of speech has to be changed to protect the innocent .

    The Constitution was written in 1776 I beleave ( Im Canadian) back when there was no such thing as TV and Poparotsy and CNN It needs to be revised.

    1. Great post. i remember the Burnardo case well..I was living in Canada, what a terrible case. i agree with you. The US is intoxicated with this kinda stuff

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