On the heels of a story I broke here a few weeks ago, about 26-year-old Damian Furtch, brutally attacked at a McDonald’s in NYC because he was gay – Well, it’s happened again.

This time, a transgender woman was brutally attacked inside a Baltimore Maryland Macdonald. No one helped her. In fact – employees looked on – and one actually captured the incident on his cell phone.

Now the victim of the brutal beat-down at the Maryland McDonald’s breaks her silence and calls the attack a “hate crime,” Chrissy Lee Polis said the incident which was captured on video and went viral online, has left her “afraid to go outside.” Sadly, it’s not the first time she’s been assaulted because of who she is.

View the video here

The 22-year-old said she entered the McDonald’s in Rosedale, a suburb of Baltimore, to use the bathroom on April 18. When she came out, she claims one of the women who attacked her accused her of trying to talk to “her man.”

In the video, one of the women can be seen dragging Polis across the restaurant to the front door while the other kicks her several times. An elderly woman also tries to intervene, but is shoved away by one of the women. Polis said; “The other girl came up and spit in my face.” “They started ripping my hair, throwing me on the floor, kicking me in my face.” Polis suffered a seizure as a result of the attack, according to a police report. She also had several cuts and bruises.

A man, later identified as an employee of McDonalds captured the assault on video, never once attempting to help – instead – can be heard laughing several times during the footage. Other McDonald’s employees are seen in the video standing nearby as the fight ensues. “I knew they were taping me; I told the guy to stop,” Polis said. “They all just sat there and watched.”

The man who captured the video is 22-year-old McDonald’s employee, Vernon Hackett. He was since been fired. Mitchell McPherson, owner of the Rosedale McDonald’s, said in a statement.”I’m as shocked and disturbed by the assault as anyone would be,” he said. “The behavior displayed in the video is unfathomable and reprehensible.” McDonald’s released a statement on Saturday calling the attack “unacceptable, disturbing and troubling.” Pending an investigation, other employees may also be fired in the wake of the assault.

Police have arrested two teenagers – one 14 the other 18. The name of the 14-year-old cannot be released but 18 year old Teonna Monae Brown is charged in the attack on Polis. Brown was arrested Friday and charged with one count of first-degree assault and two counts of second-degree assault and remains in custody. The Baltimore County state’s attorney office said it would gather additional evidence to determine whether the April 18 assault can be prosecuted as a hate crime.

Although the actions of the McDonalds employee who taped the incident are being criticised. it will be that tape that may help -not just convict these 2 perps of a crime – but may also be key in trumping up the charges to a hate crime.



  1. I’m student ; I would like to know the problems or discrimination of gays in this world, according Human right code
    Like Africa, America Europe and Asia

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