The “parade of victims” continued today in a Panama City Florida courtroom in the civil case filed by 4 women against Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis .

One by one the women took the stand, each reciting a seemingly coached recollection of what allegedly happened to them before during and after appearing in Girls Gone Wild videos filmed during Spring Break 2002-2003.

The victims blamed Francis for everyerroneous event that happened in their lives since appearing in Girls Gone Wild, including histories of depression, drug abuse, suicide attempts, loss of friends, strained relationships with family and their inability to continue with an education or hold down a steady job.

Francis, looking less like a defendant and more like a lawyer, continues to defend himself by cross examining the 4 women about whether or not they hadever actually met him. He drilled them about how he could possibly be held personally responsible for their woes and tried to get an exact dollar amount out of each the woman as to what they think they are owed – to no avail.

Some of the girls were filmed in hotel rooms while others merely flashed their breasts to the cameras and – by their own admissions on the stand- appear in the videos for as little as 2 seconds.

2 of the women cried on cue during questioning by their own attorneys and throughout Francis’ cross examination. During Francis’ vigorous -and at times heated- defense of himself, the judge accused Francis of abusing the witnesses on the stand. Even Francis himself broke down in tears from the pressure of the trial and representing himself, but he was quickly back on his feet and back in the hotseat. The question remains, were the plaintiffs tears for the crisis in their lives, or the cash settlement they were hoping to receive from Francis?

Stay tuned for more courtroom fireworks as the trial opens today with Franics cross examining the last of the four women.



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