The epidemic of hate crimes continues in this country. Are gay men now being targeted online??
Earlier this year, DC high school principle Brian Betts was robbed and executed in his own home by 3 men who targeted Betts on a gay chat website. Betts had agreed to meet one man, and had arranged for him to come to his home. In retrospect, a fatal mistake. The men (boys really -just turned 18) showed up with the intention of robbing Betts when something went horribly wrong, and Betts ended up dead. Now, the three defendants in the Betts’ case await trial next month. But, why are they NOT charged with a hate crime?

Brian Betts was intensely revered and beloved by his students — so much so that a graduating 8th-grade class actually lobbied the school district to spend their 9th-grade year under his roof, rather than move on to the high school.

Drawn to this past week’s reports of the New York case where 11 suspects have now been arrested, and charged with violence against four individuals they apparently targeted for reasons of hate against homosexuals and other cases nationwide — Brian Bretts’ family breaks their silence for the first time since his tradgic murder. They speak out to me in an exclusive interview, along with their attorney Rene Sandler, this Sunday on my radio show.

Another case that I recently covered on my radio show also deserves national attention. Tyler Clementi, a young gay male college student committed suicide after he was targeted by roommates and unknowingly videotaped having a consensual sexual encounter with another male, which was then broadcast on the Internet. Sandler believes that, “Violence against gays is a growing trend because the crimes are less likely to be reported so a gay person becomes an easy target. The revictimization of these people who have been brutalized regarding their sexual preferences is outrageous.”
Please tune in and tell your friends to listen and join the discussion.

click here to listen live.


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