My intern, Jared sent me this text message. I asked his permission to post it on my blog. He attends a college in Broward County Florida. This is so sad that this attitude is still prevalent

“I overheard these kids in school talking about gay people and they were having a hardcore conversation and how gay people are mentally messed up and how no one is born gay and that it’s because of rape and bad parenting and abuse and stuff like…. I got so angry that I said to him, hey kid I was born gay and there is nothing wrong with my parents. Then he was like oh I’m sorry. And I’m like don’t apologize to me. I’m not offended because there isn’t anything wrong with me.”

Plus another young man was gaybashed at the iconic Stonewall bar here in NY while visiting with his boyfriend for the weekend. He detailed the attack on his blog (including photos) which I have linked here.  On the heels of the Tyler Clementi Story, (which i discussed in length on my radio show on Sunday night) I have to ask WHAT IS GOING ON..???



  1. If you’ve noticed, the ones that usually have something against gay people are usually the ones that have something wrong with themselves. This kid that I addressed was such a low life, which is why I was hardly offended. I’m too sophisticated compared to him.

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