I’m working on a few concepts for a network. They want unique and extreme programming, really outside the box. Their audience seeks information and wants to learn from their programming. They’re interested in doing something in the pop culture space, and want to hear more ideas on how they can branch out into areas they haven’t hit before. They’re looking for characters like those in History’s “Pawn Stars” and “Man vs. Food’s” Adam Richman on Travel. They’re very interested in social experiments — concepts that involve human lab rats. Their show “The Colony” is a good example of this.  If you have any “characters” in mind that fit this bill let us now! Also, send any questions my way. Cheers…



  1. Well, “Pawn Stars” involves old stuff and you combine that with “Man Vs. Food” and you get a person going around eating old, expired food (think about a 20 yr old wedding cake).

    Or how about a cooking show based on Hwy 66 and calling it “Roadkill 66” or “Roadkill USA”. Get a person(s) who picks up fresh roadkill then prepares and eats it. Can it get worse than “Fear Factor” or “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern”?


  2. How about a show based on a “Tim Miller” type person called “The Body Hunters”. It would be a show full of emotions (sad and happy), of family’s torn apart and others brought back together. It could be a real rollercoaster.

    Thank you for your time.

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  4. @Martin – I very much be of the same mind with what you are saying here even if one has to take into account all aspects of the argument. We can all be a bit guilty of adopting a somewhat narrow-minded view to these issues and for the most part, stepping back and observing the ‘bigger picture’ can almost always yield optimistic results.

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