Natalee’s mom, Beth Holloway, has teamed up with Dutch crime reporter Peter de Vries to work on a “documentary” about Natalee’s case. De Vries has worked for years on the Holloway disappearance case, and he’s most famous for his hidden camera “confession” where Van Der Sloot told various versions of Natalee’s fate…all of which he later disavowed.

Beth Holloway accompanied de Vries and his television crew to Peru’s Castro Castro prison where they met briefly with Van Der Sloot.

Now, the Prosecutor in Aruba was so not happy with the little stunt the pair pulled off in Peru. The stunt being — talking their way into the prison where Joran Van Der Sloot is housed and getting an on-camera confrontation between Holloway and Van Der Sloot. After that, the prosecutor ordered Holloway and De Vires to get to Aruba. Tune in to the radio show tomorrow night for all the details….


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