I received the below  email this morning from Brad Conway. Brad has been representing George and Cindy Anthony but suddenly resigned this am.  Apparently it has nothing to do with George and Cindy and everything to do with Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez.

According to Conway,  in a motion filed by the defense last week regarding documents on 4,000 Texas Equusearch volunteers, Baez claimed that Conway was given unrestricted access to look at those documents but only if he got the Anthony’s to sign a waiver of conflict of interest.

Conway said that’s not the case, the defense never spoke to him before filing the motion and now he could potentially be called as a witness by Texas Equusearch’s attorney if the judge holds a hearing on the Texas Equusearch paperwork. Texas Equusearch is fighting to keep Casey Anthonys’ attorneys from getting unrestricted access to their search documents. I am hoping to have him on the radio show next Sunday to elaborate.

Subject: Resignation
With regret I am forced to resign as George and Cindy Anthonys attorney. The defense motion filed on August 9, 2010 contains allegations that are not in fact true. As an officer of the court I cannot stand idly by knowing allegations involving me have been misstated. I am now a witness to an inaccurate legal pleading filed in our court system. As such, I cannot continue in good conscience as a legal representative. George and Cindy Anthony have done nothing improper, it is the failure of the defense to verify the facts alleged in their motion that forces my withdrawal. I will continue to support the Anthonys, will continue to attend hearings and the eventual trial and most importantly I will continue to search for the full truth regarding the killing of Caylee Marie Anthony.

Bradley A. Conway, Esq.
Law Office of Bradley A. Conway
189 S. Orange Ave. Suite 1850
Orlando, Fl.
Office: 407-246-0803
Fax: 407-386-3114



  1. Something is wrong with this picture.
    If his clients haven’t done “anything wrong”, he needs to stay with them.

    He is accusing Baez of a lie – well, go after the scumbag – don’t drop your clients.
    As I said, something si wrong with this picture.
    Maybe he simply had enough of the Cindy Lies and weakling George towing her line..

    Limelight is only bright for so long – if no other business comes in on account of the pro-bono limelight account, it’s time to move on.

    No honest, decent attorney could swallow the Cindy Koolaide forever.

    Time to come clean and step away from evil.

  2. Steph, I hope you get Mr Conway on — if not there is plenty to discuss. P Hyatt’s site predicted this as did many others, but Hyatt really analyzes it well…Thank God you are addressing this, as few other BTR shows are up for it…It is sure to interesting either way.

  3. Mr. Conway gave way to much respect to Mason. Mason has fumbled and bumbled as much as Baez, and has done so in less time.

    Mr. Conway’s comments however have changed my opinion on him, just as my opinion on Mr. NeJame changed after I heard his comments. They both appear to be men of Honor who deserve our Respect.

    I hope that the two of them survive the Casey Anthony curse (taking everyone else down with you).

    And Mr. Watts, Thank you for an entertaining show(s).

  4. I am not buying his reason for leaving the Anthony’s. And before you jump on me, he deserves to leave any time he wants and for whatever reason he wants.

    But this family just eats them up and spits them out. We are all seeing it every time they stick their noses out or email the media or jump in front of a camera. Cindy can’t take not being on the news and her lies are going to land her in jail. It’s no wonder that three lawyers have left them now. Well, I guess Garrison was a media consultant. I’ve lost track. Run as fast as you can Brad, hopefully they haven’t tainted your career to the point it is a wash out. Thanks Steph for all you do as well!

  5. Being that we already seem to be sharing factors regarding GEORGE AND CINDY ANTHONY ATTORNEY RESIGNS WATTS UP WITH THIS???, The fact is, law has been an important part of society since it began, with implied legal and social orders and boundaries that could not be crossed. Today, it is a sophisticated network of guidelines and regulations which is adapted to shape the way we live our lives from one day to the next. There is no doubt that the law is important to the citizen, and plays a profound impact on the lives of the people on a daily basis.

  6. I love these blogs , the entertainment value is precious….ignorant morons thinking they are lawyers , psychologists, doctors, fbi profilers, lie detectors, predictors of the future and seeirs of the past. Your all pathetic, judgmental people whom know nothing .

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