I’ve been working on this project about my friend Tim Miller. Watch it and tell me what you think…You’ll recognize a few characters in here….


22 thoughts on “LOST AND FOUND…

  1. I am crying for Tim. You did a great and very professional job on this video. I was really impressed where you showed the screen of someone lying. I’ve never seen that done. Also, I’m so glad you showed Tim’s daughter’s gravesite. I’ve never seen that either.

  2. Several days ago a person posted on a forum: “Tim Miller is a little piece of heaven fallen to earth”.

  3. WOW!!! This would be the perfect trailer to a block-buster – award winning movie on the life story of Tim Miller … a legend in his on time!!!!! America “needs” a hero right about now, and a man that loved his child … and yours is that hero. Please sell this and let the world know that someone is watching out for them; or at the very least, a documentary. Perhaps Beth Twitty could help with Lifetime TV? Just WOW!!

  4. This video literally gave me chills…and brought tears to my eyes several times. You did a wonderful job with it!
    Mr. Miller is truly an inspiration. The number of children that go missing every year is mind-numbing but thanks to Mr. Miller and his organization, “Equusearch” many of these children (and adults) are reunited with their families.
    Obviously each story doesn’t have a happy ending but for those that don’t, Mr. Miller and his staff are able to provide closure by continuing their search for answers after the reporters have gotten their story, packed up their cameras and moved on to the next one.
    And unfortunately there will be a next one…but I for one, am comforted by the fact that there is someone to turn to if ever faced with this tragedy. The world would be a better place if we had more people in it like Mr. Miller and the people who work with him through “Equusearch.”
    His unwavering commitment to the missing person and their families is without question, but I didn’t know until watching your video that his passion came as a result of losing his own daughter. Just the thought literally breaks my heart!
    I can’t even begin to imagine dealing with something like that but God does work in mysterious ways. The loss of his daughter ignited a fire in this man that has touched so many whether he found their missing loved one or gave them closure.
    He has accomplished so much for so many but turning his personal pain in to something positive. It is through these accomplishments and his ongoing commitment to the missing that will ensure that his daughter did not die in vain but in fact will live on…
    I hope that Mr. Miller did get answers in his daughter’s death. If you or anyone else has more information, links, etc. please post them because I would love to know he got the closure he so desperately deserves.
    Mr. Miller along with all the people affliated with “Equusearch”…if you happen to read this comment, all I can say is “thank you” for everything that you do…you really ARE an inspiration!!!

  5. A truly wonderful video. Brought tears to my eyes as well. I can personally vouch for Tim Miller, Sherry McKinney and the men and women of Texas Equusearch…the most caring and concerned people and organization I have ever had the pleasure to know. As a previous person said “A Little Piece of Heaven Fallen to Earth” and “a Hero”!
    Mr. Miller and TES never give up looking for a MISSING PERSON AND THEY NEVER LEAVE A FAMILY ALONE IN THEIR TRIAL. TES is presently involved in the search for my niece, Carla Cook Fuqua and have been our saving grace and our hope! God Bless Texas Equusearch! They do not get the recognition they deserve! Thank you Steph for seeing that they do through this video and all the other projects you do for them. Well done to all!

  6. Tim Miller and Texas Equusearch are truly an awesome bunch of people. They are all Heroes in my eyes, they have been with us in our search for my niece, Carla Cook Fuqua, we had all but given up hope of ever finding her until TES came in. Tim told us,”I won’t stop until she is found”, and no, she hasn’t been found yet, but, with those words that Tim spoke, and the actions of all the TES that were here, they have given us hope. We are patiently waiting on the day thay come back to search for Carla again. We just pray she is found alive, but that hope gets dimmer as each day goes by.
    TES should be recognized in each state for all the good they do. Unfortunately, that will never happen. Thank you,God,for sending us Tim Miller and Tes. They are Angels here on earth.

  7. Steph, you did a wonderful job on this video. And Yes I do think of Tim Miller and TES of our Texas Angels as they have been so Good to me, in our Search for my daughter Carla Cook Fuqua. We are from Piedmont, Alabama not far from the home of Natalee Hollaway and I do believe with everything in me that TES will do all they can in finding my daughter. Tim Miller you are my Angel from Texas and Sherry McKinney as Well. I have talked to Sherry a few times this week and Thank God that she is there for me when I need Her! I think they all (TES Member)as (Texas Angels) need to be recognized all over the United States! Tim, it touched my Heart so much to see and Hear you Speak at Laura’s Gravesite, I know that had to be one of the hardest things you can do! With all of our Love from Piedmont, Alabama and Looking forward to Seeing You again!!

  8. I am so proud to say I know Tim personally. I just hate that he lost his child,which motivated the birth of Texaseqquasearch, and I have a missing neice, Carla Cook Fuqua, and that is how we met. Tim Miller and TES are the most amazing group of people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They gave us hope when we had none. I feel that without them nothing would ever be done to find Carla, ( she deserves to be found ),for her Mothers sake, her Son’s and the rest of her family and friends. God bless Tim and TES they are truly Angels here on earth !!!

  9. Nice post! You truly have a wonderful way of writing which I find captivating! I will definitely be bookmarking you and returning to your blog. In fact, your post reminded me about a strange thing that happened to me the other day. I’ll tell you about that later…

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