Just a short quick note to respond to all the emails I got about information put out on cable news tonight.  Thank you for all your emails, but remember I am in Aruba — so stick with your source on the ground.

Dave left the island earlier today.

Authorities are not searching the island and have NO plans to search the island. Searchers are NOT mobilized.

There is no authorized searches to happen on the island.

There is NO scheduled searches happening on the island.

Authorities WILL NOT search until they receive information (a confession) from Joran Van Der Sloot that they deem credible — repeat — credible.

Just because Joran Van Der Sloot says he will only talk to Aruban authorities doesn’t mean that he will get the opportunity to talk to Aruban authorities. Joran Van Der Sloot is in a Peruvian jail and no longer calls the shots.

According to family members of Stephany Flores in Peru, it will only be a matter of time before authorities in Peru have the answers from Joran as to what happened to Natalee.



  1. It’s really a shame that the conduct of Beth Holloway resulted in the death of Stephany. Had Beth not acted so stupidly, Stephany would be alive today. Beth deserves to be prosecuted to the max, imo.

  2. Any mother would want to know what happened to her daughter so she could bring her body home. Blaming Beth who is a victim is very irresponsible. She could not know what Joran would do.

    God bless all the Holloway family as well as the Flores family.

  3. Yea, blame Beth for Joran’s actions. Another mental midget…

    Try blaming Van Der Straaten and Aruba for hiding the facts.

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