In the article attached below, CNN has quoted Dave Holloway. I have been embedded with Dave the entire time he has been in Aruba, and according to Dave, he has never spoken to CNN, and is not just being misquoted…but they actually made it up.

From the CNN article posted below … “Holloway’s father, Dave Holloway, met with Aruban authorities on the island Tuesday and told CNN he believes progress is being made in the investigation. He declined to elaborate further.”

He never spoke to CNN. Notice they did not use quotation marks around what Dave said. In the midst of an international murder investigation, we all understand the appetite for news. But misrepresenting what the father of a missing girl at the center of an international murder investigation is reprehensible.

Tim  Miller from Texas Eqqusearch, who is on the island with Dave Holloway, responds to the inaccurate reports in the media. “Dave has waited five years for a break in the case of his missing daughter. It has been very difficult on him. Now for the first time in five years, he feels as though things are moving in a positive forward direction.  He has been on the island working closely with authorities. Dave is not going to risk being misquoted, so please allow him his privacy.  Its not worth doing a story now that could interfere with the investigation. Please be patient and we will all hopefully have a much bigger story very soon.”


7 thoughts on “ARUBA…CNN GOT IT WRONG

  1. So many ppl on that island actually do know the truth, may one of them finally find the courage to step forward and do the right thing. Ask Clyde Burke. Maybe Jan van der Straaten would like to clear his conscience as well?

    My prayers are with all of you (FBI included) for the peace and strength needed. May the location of Natalee’s remains be uncovered and the resolution of this case be brought to light at last.

  2. Seems nothing new to report even here. Its sad that Dave has waited this long for an answer, but I dont think he will get one. He will not get one until Peru sends Joran back to Aruba, its that simple. I think everyone knows that. He will be encouraged to help them with that and given the promise of remains, then never get them.

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