It has been a relatively quiet weekend on the Island of Aruba. The focus of this story is still on Peru, but that will quickly change this week.  Dave Holloway is on his way to the Island.  He will be here later today.  I know that authorities in Peru are working very hard to get the information they need from Van Der Sloot about where Natalee’s body is.  There are alot of things I can’t discuss now.  I feel like the kid they sat down in front of a giant birthday cake — the adults tell him not to touch the cake — then leave to room.

Tonight live from Aruba at 8:00 p.m. EST with Dave Holloway’s attorney Vinda de Sousa and Former Head of the Houston FBI, Don Clark, with the very latest on the investigation — stick with the source on the ground….ME.

To listen to my show,, click here.



  1. Steph,

    This was posted in Aruba this week. It appears to be saying something about “the truth” is on the video from near the Holiday Inn. Guy claims he was the night manager there in 2005. Thought you might look this guy up while you are there.

    Portuguese to English translationShow romanization

    “scirbi before linzan Dalrymple, june 10, 2010 atlast They Owing to Garel. for by previous instant to come to anend hour she change her storia 5 day trip by 31 half hour i have Cunel talk, then i have jama police go Cunel .. is the c * y lpable enberdad is on tape by the casino by holiday. i was the night manager at the time ey holiday inn.

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