We all know by now, that in the midst of a sting operation, orchestrated by the FBI — with Joran Van Der Sloot, Beth Holloway and her Attorney John Q. Kelly in the starring roles, something went terribly wrong.  No one was expecting, in the middle of all this, that another young woman would be murdered by the hands of  Van Der Sloot.

Now the finger-pointing has started.

Van Der Sloot allegedly contacted Kelly via email, sometime in early April. Kelly travelled to Aruba around Easter to meet with Van Der Sloot, who had recently returned to the island.  Remember, Van Der Sloot’s father died in Aruba on February 11th, so I’m sure he was there to see how he could capitalize on that opportunity.  A harsh statement, but I say this because  when I was with him in Thailand in 2008 for two weeks, Van Der Sloot had attempted to sell his father out by trying to sell audio recordings between him and his dad, allegedly discussing Natalee’s death.  The tapes were very incriminating to Paul, but we could never verify their authenticity.  He wanted….$25,000, sound familiar???

Back to this case…

The plan was for Kelly to tape Van der Sloot extorting money.   Kelly was with 10-12 FBI agents in Aruba, and they wired the car and hotel room where Kelly was meeting with Van der Sloot.  Van Der Sloot was given $10,000 cash — he counted it twice on tape, which is the extortion count, and was wired $15,000 (to a Dutch account), which is the wire fraud count. All this caught on tape.  Kelly spent several hours being taped with Van Der Sloot.  The FBI has the entire tape.  The Aruban authorities now claim they do not have the tape.

Once the crime was committed, the FBI planned to make arrangements to arrest Van Der Sloot.  That obviously never happened.  Three days after Van Der Sloot was caught on tape committing the crimes, he boarded a flight from Aruba to Colombia, and on to Peru.  The FBI was  allegedly warned that Van Der Sloot was leaving the country, but they did not act.

This was not Van Der Sloot’s first time at the rodeo so to speak.

According to the FBI, Van der Sloot was not arrested in Aruba when he accepted the $25,000 because the case “was not sufficiently developed to bring charges prior to the time Van Der Sloot left Aruba.”

It wasn’t until after the  May 30th murder of Stephany Flores in Peru, that the U.S. Attorney in Alabama unsealed an Amended Criminal Complaint charging Van Der Sloot with extortion and wire fraud.  So what changed??  How come all of a sudden they could charge him, when they claim they didn’t have enough to arrest him prior to Stephany’s murder??  What is not known is what was Amended or when the Original Criminal Complaint was filed.  What is known is there are a lot of excuses as to why Van Der Sloot wasn’t arrested, or at least held by authorities.  Hindsight is 20/20.

More from Abruba later today.



  1. Thank you for this update. I thought I read the Colombia girls was figured to be not connected. Now you’re saying Colombia officials are there still.

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