JORAN: “I’m being interrogated in a very rude way”

Ok, so I guess he was expecting a nice interrogation, over tea perhaps.

Where did the money come from for the sting operation????  We know it was through Beth Holloway Twitty, but who supplied the blood money??? People are speculating as to where it came from.  And I think it’s important for people who are commenting on this case in the media to fully disclose their involvement, financial or otherwise.

Why are we not seeing the video of Joran exiting to get coffee and return with it, as he alleges. He should be in the same clothes he was in when we first see him entering the room with Stephanie  before the murder.  He came in with coffee, she was allegedly on his computer and he goes nuts.  But where is this video of him leaving and returning…we’ve seen everything else??


5 thoughts on “JORAN: “I’m being interrogated in a very rude way”

  1. I read today that he sat down and ate bread while determining what to do with her body so that would lead me to think he killed her prior to going to the store. He most likely would have been in a change of clothes when he went to get the coffee. That would mean that he was in the room when she “used his computer”. It doesn’t add up. I didn’t believe it (him blaming her) when I heard it. If anything he would have given her permission or showed her…something to that effect. What strikes me in regard to Natalee Holloway is the story Joran told about Natalee falling off a balcony….what would happen?…a person would most likely break their neck… I believe – from what I could gather – that the witness who passed the lie detector test created pressure and Joran came up with a new story (balcony) which he would think would provide some cover if they did find her with her neck broken. I can’t figure out if they ever dredged the pond the witness spoke of. It seems to me that breaking the victims neck is probably his M.O. I wonder if any searches between the time the witness passed the lie detector test and Joran’s new balcony story could have been very close to where Natalee was??

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