That’s their slogan here.  It’s on the license plates.  This has been the craziest day.  This story is changing by the second.  Trust me when I tell you —  it is about to get crazier.  There are alot of HUGE breakthroughs coming in this case.   The finger-pointing is beginning in the extortion case.  The Aruban authorities are now claiming they notified American authorities that Van Der Sloot was leaving. Whatever the case, Van Der Sloot dodged authorities, slipped out of Aruba with $25,000, and murdered Stephany Flores in Peru.  He is also being questioned about the disappearance of two other girls from a casino in Bogata, Columbia.  Authorities have more than egg on their face — they have blood on their hands.  How could he just “slip” out of Aruba undetected with a large amount of cash?  This is not the first time Joran Van Der Sloot has extorted money from people to reveal what happened to Natalee.  I have first-hand knowledge of that… Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “ARUBA “ONE HAPPY ISLAND”

  1. look forward to a summary, thanks.
    you may be in dutch territory but you are in the caribbean steph, to answer your question about efficacy in gov’t. from night one when Natalee left the bar, tick tock island time. Jamie Cockayne, (you might be familiar with), was murdered in US territory and his journey to justice is quite similar..blame the victim etc and nepotism in caribbean gov’t. similar tourist industry backlash also..those resorts DO NOT WANT these stories broadcast.
    be careful too, ok?

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