I have just learned  that Joran Van Der Sloot is now the suspect in the disappearance of two Colombian women.  Two girls disappeared from a casino in Colombia.

When Joran left Aruba on May 10th, with the $15,000 dollars in extortion money, he flew to Columbia for two days prior to traveling to Peru. Officials in Colombia are so convinced he is involved in the disappearance of these two young women, they have boarded a plane to Peru to question Van der Sloot.

Stand by developing.



  1. so glad Peru has him now.Aruba did not do their job at all and now more young women are missing and another beautiful young lady is dead.How sad is this.I cried over these women,now Aruba wants reopen the case.They know they covered up a lot because of daddy.It would not surprise me if he killed the two Columbia women.God bless these families!

  2. Sounds more like Joran just defended himself from her confirmed attack.

    Is it time to start blaming the victim?

    With the death of STEPHANY FLORES RAMIREZ, perhaps it may be time to begin to hold the victims responsible for their own careless, seemingly idiotic choices, and mistakes. While it is important, imo, to not blame the victim of a crime, it is important to recognize how so many “victims” place themselves through a conscience choice into harm’s way that far too many fall prey, with sometimes devastating consequences to themselves.

    In review of the many aspects Ms. Ramirez chose, it may first begin with her recognizing who she was confronted with, a Joran Vander Sloot. Not only did she fail to exit that confrontation immediately even knowing who Joran is, she walked past the reception desk where she could have alerted staff to her perceived possible problem. Not only that, she accompanies Joran to his own room, and seemingly enters his room willingly with no apparent signs of any struggle on her part. Then, once behind a closed door, she is allegedly caught by Joran with her looking up Joran on the internet searching for information about the Natalee Holloway case.

    Now she’s dead and people wonder why? It’s called “proximity.” When people allow themselves to remain in a potentially dangerous situation when they fail to exercise better options than remaining in that potentially dangerous situation, it then, imo, becomes their own fault for anything negative occurring to them if they willingly chose to remain within that potentially dangerous environment; proximity. Perhaps best exemplified that if a house starts on fire and the person willingly chooses to remain inside, but then dies as a result, the blame is that of the victim, and not the fire itself.

    Now, with Joran’s alleged confession on this crime, the people that want and got a confession are typically the same people that have said in the past on blogs, television, and sites on the internet that Joran is a liar and you can’t believe a word he says. Now, these hypocrites are satisfied with the confession and fail to pursue the issue any further since it has an immediate-redemption quality to those not familiar enough with the higher-level studies of Psychology. Plus, the facts reveal that the girl attacked Joran, now it’s a potentially over-reaction to Joran defending himself. Is that a crime in the United States? Not if it occurred in any of the 50 states right now.

    Worse-case scenario for Joran right now appears to be a possible sentence well under ten years for a confession leading to a conviction, and he’ll be out super-soon given the legal/prison systems in Peru.

    Is that true Justice for Stephany? I think not!

    1. Michelle, your post is so full of contradictions that it’s hard to figure out where to start. Your first comment is that Van Der Sloot “just defended himself from her confirmed attack” assumes that what he told police is the truth; his track record for veracity has been documented by his own admissions that he’s lied numerous times in interviews during the Natalee Holloway investigation.

      You also need to re-read the facts of the case. According to Van Der Sloot, she learned of his background AFTER she was in the room and accessed his computer to learn of his involvement with the Holloway case; why would she have alerted hotel staff of her “perceived possible problem” if she didn’t already know about it? I do agree that she engaged in risky behavior by accompanying him to his room, but I also know that kids this age don’t always use the best judgement; that doesn’t condone or excuse murder.

      Your knowledge of “higher level studies of Psychology” reeks of a lower level student trying to impress others with his or her limited knowledge on the subject. You also have no knowledge of the American criminal justice system if you believe that someone is justified in breaking someone’s neck because they were slapped in the face; this 6’3″ man broke her neck and then beat this girl until she was black and blue. You think that would be legal in the US? Sorry, but you’re wrong.

      He may get 10 years (I doubt it; I may be wrong), but he’ll never make 10 years in a prison in Peru. I doubt he’ll make it a year, and truthfully, I’d be willing to wager less than three months. If he does make it 10 years, they’ll be 10 years of hell. Unlike you, even prisoners have a code of conduct that recognizes that animals who commit crimes against innocents have to pay, and I truly believe that Joran will pay for what he’s done in prison.

      This kid has destroyed not only his two victims families; he’s destroyed his own. You have no right contributing to these victim’s families pain by blaming them.

    2. I am no JVM,thank goodness!

      God helps those who help themselves. And, God saves those who do NOT commit suicide by doing something really stupid.

      The casino videos of the murder victim are on YouTube. They clearly show that this female did a number of very stupid things.

      Want to stay alive in the real world? Then NEVER EVER put yourself in a position where somebody can kill or otherwise harm you. That goes double and triple when dealing with complete strangers.

      The female preoccupation with “bad boys” is down right stupid, IMHO.

    3. Wow lady! You could either be the dumbest bitch on the planet or just the most naive. Maybe you had van der sloots nuts propped up on ur face and was the one girl that got away from him without being beaten and murdered. You actually have the nerve to blame a girl for hanging out with a guy after a night of drinking. I bet your little slutty ass had been to a bar and then went home with the first guy that gave you attention. Which is what you are, an attention hungry skank. Thats why you put an obsurb post on here blaming the victims. How misinformed are you anyway. You prob got a dong in your mouth right now.

  3. To MICHELLEFROMMADISON; What you write sounds a lot like; “Well my dear, you were wearing a short skirt, you cant blame the guy for raping you…”.
    The way I understand it is that Stephany didn’t find out about Nathalee Holloway until áfter she was allready in his hotelroom. He found her reading information on his laptop which he had turned on himself. She confronted him about it. Yes maybe she struck him. But did you see any bruises on him?
    From what I hear and read she was severly beaten en battered. To death… No one can know for certain what happened precisely in that hotelroom. Ofcourse it is not smart to go with a guy you just met to his hotelroom. But it happens, and it happens a lot. Does that mean she ásked for what happened to her? You call it ‘proximity’. Who says she didnt desperately try to exit that room and he killed her in the struggle?
    I dont think he will be out soon after he gets convicted. I think he will never get out. Most likely he will die in there. I think you should read up on the legal/prison system in Peru.
    I feel very sorry for the family of the murdered girls. For their poor mothers. And yes for his mother too. She once held him to her breast and thought the world of him like all mothers do. Now she flew the long hours from the Netherlands to Peru to meet her son in a policecel. I wouldn’t want to walk any distance in her shoes…

  4. Has it ever occurred to anyone that this creep is possibly a serial killer. He had his “Father” in Aruba to cover things up for him. Everyone knew what he did to the Holloway girl, but the officials in Aruba turned a “blind-eye”. Shame on Aruba for letting him go, young women’s lives could have been spared. Seems kind of like a “Ted Bundy” scenario all over again. Everywhere they go women start disappearing. Maybe everyone should have paid a little more attention to Beth Holloway.

  5. One other thing for the Love of God don’t blame the victim. That is a rotten thing to do. So every victim of a violent or non-violent crime is at fault. All these women didn’t ask for this no victim ask for their life or something to be taken away from them. That is God’s job, no one here on earth has the right to violate or take another’s life.


  7. Michelle is either an idiot or the killer
    s mom.
    All his facts are so wrong and for your info, the killer told the little girl taht he can sell his laptop to her so tehy were going to the hotel room so for her so see the laptop cause dad gave her $1000 to buy the laptop for her senior year at University of Lima. She went to the casino and invested that money and won $5,000, the killer saw that and made way to know her and during their conversation she mentioned to him that she needed to buy a laptop cause daddy gave her the money, then the killer said he can sell his to her. Poor Stefanie 😦 she didn’t know there are bad people in this world. The killer looks nice, nobody would ever think he is a psychopath. Poor Fiorella my dear may God be with you at this moment.

    Fiorella’s neighbor from Perú living in the USA.

  8. Ignore MFM. S/he is, as has been pointed out, a longtime troll. Just Google the name for more details (especially blog search). I wouldn’t waste any time replying.

    1. Please Google the name “michellefrommadison”. And, thank you so very for your support. But, please do that every single day, it helps us all out tremendously. Victims do have rights! Thanks again.

  9. I don’t believe any of his story. I don’t think she looked on his computer when he was gone. If she was worried then, she would have left while he was away. She didn’t leave then, because I believe she was already dead. He is not the kind of guy that would go get coffee for them. It was clearly a cover story. I would like to know what shirt he was wearing when he went to get coffee. They found his white shirt on her body. When he was seen exiting for the day he had a plaid shirt on. If he went to get coffee in that shirt; that would be telling.

  10. It’s hard to believe that she didn’t know about the Aruba case, in Peru they have news from all over the world, they have american cable chanels, and she was a rich kid with all the good things in life
    So , I don’t think she didn’t know, she just dared not to believe he was a murder because he was so handsome, girls in Peru go crazy for white guys

  11. I have the feeling that Aruba’s D.A. covered up the case because of his father. After his death they want to open the case. That’s Shame

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