After allegedly receiving a tip from a cell mate of Drew Peterson’s, Police have marked off an area on a private hunting ground, and will begin digging for the body of Stacey Peterson today.

Drew Peterson, behind bars — and about to stand trial for the murder of Kathleen Savio, allegedly told a fellow inmate how he killed his fourth wife, Stacey Peterson, and where he put her body. He allegedly had an accomplice help him. Police allegedly contacted this accomplice, and he lead them to the site just outside of Peoria, Il. Here’s what I don’t even get — why would someone who was an accomplice not come forward and make a deal with Prosecutors a long time ago? Remember Tom Morphy — Drew Peterson’s brother-in-law who admitted he helped carry what he believed was Stacy’s body inside a blue barrel out of the house and into Peterson’s car? His story stops there, so did Peterson get another person to help bury the body?? I find this story odd. I have met with Peterson on several occasions and it makes no sense to me that all of a sudden he would “confess” to an inmate. I think this is another one of his games and a way to try to stay in control……stand by



  1. I truly hope they have found to her and that her family will be able to bring her home. Drew Peterson is the personification of evil.

  2. Will this finally wipe that smug look of this arrogant pig’s face? The wheels of justice may have been slow, but they are tuning methodically both with this case and Joran Van der Sloot.

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