15 thoughts on “THE KITCHEN SINK

  1. Hi Steph! I would to get a certain blogger off my chest, Marinade Dave. He is the person who continues to insert himself into Casey Anthony case. He’s the reason Judge Stanaland had to step down. There are plenty of local people who want to see his interference in the media and continued interference with the Casey Anthony case STOPPED. He tortures people by exposing their private information taken from his blog, he has labeled an innocent man as a registered sex offender (such as the poor innocent man who recently lost his life in Orlando because of this kind of false rumors), and most of his fake blogs are filth, libel and slander against real people.I sure hope you can help us expose and stop this menace to society. Thanks for any help you can give us! We ( have links and proof of just how creepy he is.

  2. hey Steph!
    why don’t you talk about BAB!
    its the forum full of lesbians investigating Marinade Dave, the blogger who caused Judge Strickland’s recusal.
    all the info is there for the taking and zingers are free!
    i’ll tune in tonight, i’m sure other babbers will be listening and chatting too! 🙂
    i love your show!
    thanks for asking for imput, its very cool of you!

  3. Steph – I am absolutely disgusted that you are putting down Marinade Dave without knowing what you are talking about and taking the word of a few people who hate dave. I am not a Dave Lover, but for crumb sakes, who are you to go on air and acuse him when you have no idea. Watch the video, you can see it all that it was the judge who approached dave, and dave was surprised as anyone and you see that on video. Should he have blogged about it ? I dont think he thought it was anything that had to be a secret — and it didnt need to be, it occurred in open court and defense used dave to accomplish what they wanted. Dave did not cause the Judge to derail this case, the judge approached him. Please watch the video and get your facts straight before you go bringing a lot of upset to dave`s life !!! btw, there is 2 videos of the episode in the courtroom, one cuts off a little sooner than the other one does and shows it was totally not daves doing. Hornsby sometimes blogs on daves blog – so asking him about dave might give you a much fairer view. He has also met Dave in person. This petition to ban dave from the courtroom is nothing but a bunch of dave haters being asses. Several bloggers go to the court hearings and then write about it and some not as fair and accurately as dave does. I really hope that you will apologize in the future for taking the word of some person and not checking into the facts. I really am disgusted with you for the hurt you have caused and like i said I am not even a dave lover, I just believe in being fair and many have been very unfair to dave, the judge should have known better. He recognized dave, for very good reasons, and he called dave up to speak with him. How can that be daves fault ???? Please get your FACTS straight

  4. Hi Steph, great show tonight! You should do this more often.

    All the things said about Mr Knechel were true and can be backed up with links etc.

    BTW, Knechel has since made all his blogs private and password protected after your radio show aired – so good job!

    We angry lesbians are loving you right now Steph. 🙂

  5. thanks steph for your kind and gentle welcome to us babbers.
    i guess you know from following our blog how much our time on Watts up with this with you meant to us!:)!!! ❤
    we are counting the days until the 4th of july!!
    i did some reading and realized why you have a special perception when it comes to cyber bullies. i'm sorry you had a rough time too.
    i'm glad you are moving forward with elegance and i can't wait to hear your coverage of the peterson case. i know you will get to the heart of any subject you tackle. what a magic moment in time it was for you to help us and maybe we helped you! does it get any better than this?

  6. Hi Steph,
    I’d like to say something about this Maranaid Dave. I went to Dave’s blog originally like everyone else I imagine? I heard about him after the Judge Strickland situation. I told him had it been me, I probably wouldn’t have told anyone, especially on the internet, that the Judge spoke to me. I didn’t blame him, but knowing the amount of media attention this case is getting, one’s gotta figure the defense will look for anything they can. And that is exactly what they did. Dave constantly complained about being harassed. I asked why on several occasions would he keep bringing it up? Seems to me it only instigates the problem. He kept justifying his actions. Finally I decided to see for myself if he was being harassed or in fact creating a problem and playing victim for some self centered sick ego trip? I found out it was in fact the latter. So I left his blog. I have since been on the receiving end of his cyber bullying and when I confronted him about it, he edited my comment to make it look like I simply typed a few curse words with no intelligent content and posted the edited comment on his site. And since he blocks everyone who disagrees with him or tries to confront him, there isn’t much anyone can do. For people like myself who don’t know much if anything about computers, we just have to sit back and take it while he creates disgusting images and web pages about people and posts them all over the place.
    He portrays himself as this honest person who has fell victim to haters who are jealous of him. Nothing could be further from the truth. That’s the truth of whats been going on. There are some things you can search for yourself that shows his behavior is sick. Here are two quotes he made in a blog that I would love for Baez to see. Can you imagine being on trial for your life and this guy is sitting behind you? Quite disturbing…..

    Marinade Dave // March 17, 2009 at 6:29 pm

    And Casey may have been a loving mother. Look how countries can turn on each other in a flash and go to war. I don’t know how long she really planned to do her daughter harm and I fought it every step of the way when people came to my site to crucify her. You know that. If I were to sit on the jury, I would maintain an open mind and base a decision on the information presented to me. If the defense put the element of doubt in my mind, I would have to vote against the prosecution and either acquit or find her not guilty. Cases must be decided on one criteria: Beyond a shadow of a doubt. You know how fair I’ve been. I would look at her as objectively as humanly possible, but I would still look at her boobies.

    Marinade Dave // March 17, 2009 at 6:44 pm

    It’s soooooooo easy, isn’t it?! Yes, boobies. Breasts. Ta Tas. Melons. I would be impartial, but I would still try to look up her dress.

  7. I listened in to your show this past week for the first time, but surely not the last. I really enjoyed it and appreciate the issues you covered.

    The oil spill has got me so upset too. I can not imagine the damage that it is causing.

    And you were right on the money with Marinade Dave. When you said that he has had a little taste of fame and now wants more, more, more!! I am so sick of him and his involving himself in this case.

    Maybe he should blog about this oil crisis, or better yet, get off his butt and do some volunteer work to help with it!

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