Just weeks before Drew Peterson faces a jury for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, Peterson’s defense team is trying to silence Kathleen Savio one last time. Joel Brodsky, Peterson’s defense attorney, has filed a motion that the trial not include “any evidence that Kathleen Savio was fearful for her life or expressed to anyone any fears regarding physical danger from Drew Peterson.”

When I first started on the case, right after Stacey went missing, I remember being at Sharon Bychowski’s house — Peterson’s neighbor. Sharon was so kind to everyone, opening her home to the media, and literally, anyone who wanted to help find Stacy Peterson. It was Sharon who first tipped off Greta and myself that she feared Drew had killed Stacey, because Stacey had told Sharon she was afraid of her husband, was planning on leaving him, and feared her for her life.

A few days into the disappearance of Stacey, Sharon had a house full of people, and I asked Sharon who the quiet woman with the dark hair by the window was, and she replied, “that’s Kathleen Savio’s sister, Kathleen was Drew’s third wife, she was found dead in the bathtub around the corner a few years ago.” “He probably killed her too,” Sharon added. I went over to her and the woman introduced herself as Anna Doman. When she learned who I was, she said she had something I might be interested in at her house — a box of stuff that belonged to her dead sister. Anna mixed no words when it came to Drew Peterson — she said that her sister’s death wasn’t an accident, and she knew who killed Kathleen. She believed it was Drew Peterson.

When I arrived at Doman home the next day with Mark Fuhrman, what we saw was shocking. A box containing Kathleen Savio’s private notes, documenting police visits to the home on domestic violence related issues, all acompanying legal documents, and a detailed handwritten diary documenting abuse by Drew Peterson. Anna said the police had never been interested in the writings, because Savio’s death was classified an accident. Also tucked inside the box was a copy of Savio’s autopsy report. Once we aired these notes on Greta’s show, and Dr. Micheal Baden concluded from viewing the autopsy report that Savio’s death was not an accident, but indeed a homicide, all hell broke loose to say the least. The State was forced to exhume the body of Kathleen Savio under intense media pressure, and the police finally came by and collected the box of Savio’s notes. It is these notes that Brodsky doesn’t want a jury to see. I can understand why he doesn’t — I have read them all, and they are very damaging to Peterson, they are very telling as to what really happened to Kathleen Savio.

Also, this Sunday at 8:00 p.m. on my radio show, we will be discussing why Peterson has NOT been charged with the murder of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, who is still missing. Are prosecutors waiting for the outcome of the Savio case before charging Peterson with Stacy Peterson’s disappearance?? Perhaps a very smart move on their part. Join my legal panel for the discussion and find out why.

Joining me tonight are Dr. Brian Russell Dr Russell is a
Forensic Psychologist and an Attorney and expert counsel in court cases that involve mental issues.

And Charlie Doman. Charlie is the nephew of Kathleen Savio and also worked for Drew Peterson for years at the bar he owned.




  1. I cannot believe that the background of Charlie Doman wasn’t looked into before having him ANYWHERE. This guy is a major druggie and nut job who tried to kill a defenseless sleeping man who was fast asleep by stabbing him in the back many times. He then fled to hide. But he was caught – and convicted. He offered absolutely no reason why he did it. I guess if there is no explanation by the convicted offender you can pretty much think homicidal maniac.

  2. in respose to john smith first mr doman doesnt have any drug convictions nor ever been charged with a drug related crime and if you read the court transcripts which most of the file has been sealed by a judge you would find it was self defense and the court seemed it fitting to give him probation mr doman was never caught he turned him self in please get your facts straight

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