Putnam County Sheriff Jeff Hardy’s Son Arrested for Selling Drugs

Twenty-Six year old Joshua Troy Imm, the son of Putnam County Sheriff Jeff Hardy, has been arrested — along with three others, for actively participating in the sale of methamphetamine to undercover detectives.

Sheriff Hardy is known for heading up the investigation into the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings, which recently involved the arrest of Haleigh’s father Ronald Cummings, and ex-wife/girlfriend/last person to see Haleigh alive, Misty Croslin, along with three others for drug dealing. The same charges his son is facing.

Joshua Troy Imm, 26, Hardy’s son, and three others were arrested after selling drugs to undercover officers in the parking lot of the Sunoco Convenience Store at 276 Highway 17 South, in East Palatka. Detectives found the suspects also were manufacturing ethamphetamine at a second location in Palatka. They dismantled the lab. Imm was arrested and charged with the sale of methamphetamine, possession of listed chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine, maintaining a drug vehicle, possession of drug paraphernalia, and child neglect. His bond was set at just over $7,000.00. No word yet as to weather Sheriff Hardy will post the bond.

Hardy said he is saddened by the arrest of his son, but directed his detectives and correctional officers to treat his son in the same manner as any other individual charged with these crimes.

Statement from the Sheriff’s office:

This is a personal family matter, and Imm who is an adult, does not reside with the Sheriff. Sheriff Hardy will of course stand beside his son in regard to these allegations and will assist him as a family member in anyway possible. Sheriff Hardy has stated that he will not become involved in the criminal prosecution, and does not want his position to influence the State Attorney’s case. Sheriff Hardy is proud of the investigators who worked this case, and the fact that they didn’t allow his and Imm’s relationship influence the investigation.


10 thoughts on “Putnam County Sheriff Jeff Hardy’s Son Arrested for Selling Drugs

  1. Unfortunately illegal drugs are everywhere in rich/poor, educated/uneducated, functional/dysfunctional families. Consider yourself lucky if your family has been fortunate to not yet have a family member involved with drugs. Mostly likely illegal drugs will hit your family at some point in time no matter how hard you’ve tried to keep them away.

    Parents do their best when raising their children. When kids become adults, sometimes before they are adults, they make their own choices sometimes forgetting about the good advice of their parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc. and choose to ignore what kind of impact the bad choices will have on their family.

    God Bless you Sheriff Hardy and your family in dealing with this problem. A father standing by their son is important along with getting a son in rehab so that the son will become a productive member of society in the future. Anyone who has broken the law deserves any jail time imposed on them. That’s part of life, maturing, and “reward” for making bad choices.

  2. Huge ammunition for the defense teams of Ronald and Misty. Why is the prosecution screwing up their cases in the Ronald’s case, the Misty’s case, and the Casey’s case too? What a joke, it seems that every week the prosecution screws up in one way or another in all of these cases. Isn’t justice for the victims considered a priority anymore?

  3. Huge ammunition for the defense team? In what way? The prosecution is screwing NOTHING up in any of those cases you mentioned. Casey is GUILTY and your commenting like this on different blogs will not make any difference to the jury pool so give it up.

    1. Sorry Mike, but irregardless of your inability to fully understand the facts of this case, the prosecution’s case is continuing to crumble, almost weekly. Doesn’t anyone want Justice for Caylee, except me?

  4. Does’nt surprise me. Just proves to everyone that SHERIFF HARDY can’t even teach his family about right and wrong family let alone run a sheriff’s department that runs on a separate set of laws than the rest of us. I constantly see the deputies breaking traffic laws and taking advantage of people who don’t have the means to defend themselves. And by the way SHERIFF HARDY, I might remind you that its 2010 in florida not 1810 in Dodge city. Hope I did’nt use too big of words for you to understand.

  5. its not nice getting arrested for selling drugs either i think aswell i think it totally out of order i think me an d jordan we agree

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