Judge Stan Strickland, who was presiding over Casey Anthony’s murder trial, removed himself from the case Monday. The defense team, headed by Jose Biaz, contended he was biased against their client, Casey Anthony. Baez is basing his claim on alleged correspondence between Judge Strickland and a local blogger. The Judge allegedly commented to the blogger that he liked his writing. The Judge has not denied the claim by the defense team.
In an Order recusing himself from the high-profile murder trial, Judge Strickland stated: “Over the past 20-plus months, in between media interviews, guest appearances on television shows and press conferences, defense counsel has filed a litany of motions.” In a jab at Baez and his entire team the judge stated, “At its core, the defense counsel’s motion accuses the undersigned of being a ‘self-aggrandizing media hound.’ Indeed. The irony is rich.” The case has been reassigned to Judge Belvin Perry, Jr. This Sunday at 8:00 p.m., I will discuss this development on my radio show with guests who have tried cases under both judges. I will have the very latest in the Casey Anthony Case. Don’t miss it!!!

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72 thoughts on “HERE COMES THE JUDGE…

  1. This is just one more example of the slow, but definite, collapse of the prosecution-side of this Casey Anthony case. And, the trial isn’t even close to starting yet. The judge now has to step down because of alleged improprieties against the defendant, and don’t forget those eight officers (both police and corrections) that have all been fired, suspended, or transferred because of their own improprieties against Casey during her incarceration time. And also don’t forget the four separate trips out to the “body-location-site” where the police were out repeatedly, and all found nothing. My goodness, it’s almost funny to see how unprofessional and incompetent the prosecution-side of this case has turned out to be.

  2. None of this has anything to do with Casey Anthony’s guilt or innocence. However as the waters continue to get muddied, and the jury pool tainted, I fear she will not get a fair trial and the true verdict will not be reached.

  3. steph thanks,sounds interressting!
    i think both judge are fair,judge strickland have a big heart,and i think the defense dont cant play around with judge perry!

  4. God Bless Judge Strickland! I have absolute faith that Casey will get a fair Trial and be convicted. This does not change the prosecutions case, but shows the desperation of the defense. IMO, Jose is on his way out.

  5. Judge Perry sent Judy Buenoano to the electric chair……first woman sentenced to death in the State of Florida since 1848.

    1. But, there was direct-evidence in that case and is not comparable to the Anthony case, if one considers the actual facts of the case. 🙂

    1. Your right, it is funny, and what a devastating blow to the prosecution too. First, all those errors by the investigators and the police with them contradicting the evidence claimed as unverifiable regarding the site-location of the body, then the issues forcing many of the correctional officers into disciplined or resignation or transfers or firings, then the Judge assigned making what appears to be inappropriate remarks outside of the case trial, it’s totally funny to see the prosecution case continue to crumble each week. Hopefully, after this trial concludes, all errors by the prosecution will result in penalties so we can at least achieve some Justice for Caylee. Casey got a huge jump towards the exit door of the jail on this one.

  6. if the glove don’t fit….you must aquit…..don’t apply here. Here, in Los Angeles, people believe that.

    Like Sommers mom said…”this ain’t Mayberry anymore”.

    1. Try, instead, to just deal with the facts of this case instead of your denials and making up things as you have demonstrated. There are no gloves mentioned on the evidence list provided by the prosecution.

  7. You are just so witty…how can anyone outwit michellefrommadison? Wow…Venice, no glove associated with Casey? Check. Whew….glad that’s cleared up. Oh, and Casey can’t jump too far with ankle shackles.

    1. Casey rarely has ankle bracelets on, and soon she might not ever have them on unless she voluntarily chooses, at least according to some of the Experts involved in this case. But, thanks for proving my point V. 🙂

  8. Experts? God…that is laughable! LOL. Mr. Henwy Wee is our infamous “I will get you off” Forensic Scientist.

    Ms.”hit the liquor store across the street from the Los Angeles Courthouse” Baden couldn’t enjoy one last bottle with good ‘ol Phil Spector. The jail bans alcohol.

    Michelle…quit eating that yellow snow in Wisconsin and come get some sun in Los Angeles. You might see things in a whole new light. Just remember….tell ’em Venice sent you.

    1. Thanks Venice for proving my points about uninformed people like yourself. I se you still need some help learning the facts of this case, just ask and I am sure someone qualified will assist you if you haven’t badgered them to the point of not even willing to assist you anymore like you’ve done before. Sounds like you might be a bit startled if Casey is not found guilty of first-degree murder. Brace yourself Venice. 🙂

    1. Not sick there eastwood34, just factual. People that call people derogatory names like you are doing are typically attempting to cover up their embarrassment of not knowing the case like they thought they had known. But, try to stop beating yourself up east, try, instead, to actually research the facts about this case. 🙂

    1. Same for you Venice. Your documented response is psychologically the same as what east did with derogatory name-calling of people better informed. But, thank you V for proving my point yet again. Need more help trying to stay on-topic of this post, or is your desire to just humiliate yourself again?

    1. Thank you so very much, again V for proving my points about uninformed people like yourself. Is that the best you can up with, to just continue to attack others you remain so obviously jealous of. You have demonstrated my very points about psychological dysfunctions and inadequacies of people that choose to attack others instead of addressing the post-topic or replying with an answer to someone’s question. I personally suspect you may have an issue with medications because you exhibit the signs and symptoms thereof. Do you still believe that Casey will not be found guilty of first-degree murder?

    1. Thank you Sierra for proving my point. I also see that you cannot stay on post-topic, need more information about the case? A tenative release date perhaps for Casey?

    1. Thank you once again for proving my point. And, yes, psychologically-speaking, you are so obviously jealous. Try, instead to investigate the Anthony case, instead of attacking those you are still so jealous of. Good luck. 🙂

  9. michelle,

    this is not a battle ground. if you can’t handle others opinions, then go jump off a bridge. your posts are nothing but repetitous name-calling. you sound VERY disturbed. Chow.

  10. michelle,
    this is not a battle ground. if you can’t handle others opinions, then go jump off a bridge. your posts are nothing but repetious name-calling, and YOU sound VERY disturbed!

    1. You appear to be directing your confusions at the wrong person, there Shawn. But, it’s alright if you can’t see the forest through the trees. Happens here a lot if you look at the other commenter’s comments, and their attacks against others that are better-informed than themselves. Stirs up some apparent jealousy from them. What part of this case are you still confused about? Maybe help can be sought for you too.

  11. Michelle from Madison, may you give Casey head for life and take it from behind from her. Eat shit and die you subhuman. The doors to Hell await you and Casey. You are seriously delusional and out of touch w/ reality. May GOD have mercy on your soul you cockroach. I happily await the day your fantasy girl is convicted so you can eat SHIT.

    1. Thank you so very much eastwood34 for proving my points about how many uninformed people like yourself often attack the messenger for providing points that they do not fully understand, mostly due to their own laziness in doing some research on their own. But, those familiar with those types of psychological disorders displayed by people like eastwood34 often just see it as their choice to remain in denial of documented and proven facts, and further believe those people like eastwood34 find it easier to deny and bash others they remain jealous of rather than to startle their own idea of their own dysfunctions. I have not found one yet like eastwood34 to have any verified true understanding on the facts of the cases they try to attack others on, but that is why I am here, to help alleviate their anxieties by providing them facts they are too lazy or too unable to find on their own. And, you are welcome. Perhaps when Casey gets released someday, maybe you can ask her for an interview and she can help point out why you remain so incorrect on your attacks of others, because it appears she may have a better ability to understand this can than you can. Let us know when you can communicate reasonable and sensibly on this case and not continue to attack those you remain jealous of simply because your own ranting is nothing more than a confirmations of your inability to fully understand this case as you attack, bash, and deny. But, that still doesn’t change the facts of this case and never will. But, thanks again eastwood34 for proving me correct once again. 🙂

    1. Sierra, it has been proven best to allow people like eastwood34, Shawn, and Venice and the like to allow them to rant and attack those that are better informed than themselves. It has to do with their own disadvantaged psychological profile that is readily identifiable to those that are familiar with Abnormal Psychology and Psychiatry. Their problems remain pervasive on the internet, people like eastwood34 are often called trolls and other names of the sort, but their conduct does allow for some studies to be conducted that will hopefully generate some much needed psychological testing some day down the road to test into groups before being allowed to just comment, rant, and attack others as eastwood34 and some others here are doing on a routine basis. This blog-page is not set up to discuss in detail eastwood34’s dysfunctional psychological obstacles, and should remain a forum to discuss this case of people that have an interest in doing so. There are several sites where you can discuss eastwood34’s dysfunctional issues in more detail, but this site does not appear the appropriate location to do so. Any more questions, just ask, and I am sure someone might try to assist you in your questions about the case.

    1. Many uninformed people might agree with you W. But, thanks for proving my points about uninformed people attacking others they remain jealous of and do not even mention the post-topic. You are not alone W, there are many people like you that do not have a good enough education and they attack others better-informed due to their own psychological dilemmas they struggle with. Hey, has Casey Anthony been released from jail yet?

  12. She is a sorry ass excuse for a person. You can read into her frustration on her NOT being able to piss people off. I can’t wait to watch her EAT her words.

    Quit giving us your delusional story, and lay down the facts in black and white. FACTS ONLY. DO NOT attack other people. We are waiting for FACTS from your big mouth. Enough of you.

    1. I agree, those uninformed should just rely upon facts and not their attacks. It only confirms what I have always said about uninformed people attacking others better-informed than themselves like myself. But, thanks so much for proving my points. Facts will and always have prevailed, speculations are just hot-air with no relevance to this case. I agree that they should not continue to attack others, I never have, and I stand by that because it is another fact. Their vengence only proves my points about the psychological dysfunctions and the levels of psychiatric obstacles they continue to struggle with. But, at least they are not out hurting people again, this allows them a chance to “vent”. You should not call them delusional either, they are simply maladjusted and often seem confronted by facts they do not fully understand.

    1. Striking out on your research project with your results of nothing, as you claim? Keep trying, and maybe you can connect with someone that has actually graduated college and has a professional license. Don’t give up on yourself, there is also help for you. Why are you so adamant that Casey is not-guilty of first degree murder there jokester?

  13. It will always be NOTHING.

    Sophisticated, intellectual, intelligent, educated professionals DO NOT diagnose people through a blog nor determine their character based on their opinions.

    Freedom of speech does not sit well with you, and people do not form their own view based on “jealousy” from a fellow American whom they have never met. Please start speaking with the education you so profoundly profess.

    This case is far from conclusion, and the blogs are far from being restless. The bloggers are not on trial, and are only utilizing their constitutional right for freedom of speech. You are not their personal mental health specialist, nor do you have any other information to assess them from other than their opinions on this case.

    Please reflect your degree, and try to disagree with our opinions in a respectful manner. A working professional holds no righteousness, and respects an indifferent view with integrity.

    Have a nice day.

    1. Your inability to understand proven facts is not anyone else’s problem but your own. But, thanks for proving me correct yet again. Have a great day too. 🙂

  14. michelle has completely demonstrated herself as non-professional by the way she communicates with other people.

    Hey Venice….have a great day and keep up the class act!

    1. And, thank you very much too for proving me correct yet again. You, too, are very much welcome. Have a great day, but did you see that the Judge issue is not completed yet?

  15. With all this egg on the face of Law Enforcement (prosecution) because of all their many screw-ups so far, how much more egg will stick before the entire prosecution’s case crumbles into an omelet?

  16. it goes to show just how stupid this person is. an omelet is FIRM, SOLID, and holds everything in place. LOL.

    quick michelle….have the last word….the world is SO NOT waiting. LOL.

    Bye fellow bloggers….I have a plane to catch.

    1. Thanks Sierra for proving my points about uninformed people like yourself attacking the better-informed people they remain so jealous of. Did you note that Sierra forgot to discuss the post-topic again in her attacks? Did anyone see the handwriting analysis of Casey’s letters yet that is going to do nothing but benefit the defense teams? Way to go there prosecution, did they forget to fight for Justice for Caylee? The prosecution is screwing up at a record=rate, hard to keep up with their screw-ups, nearly a daily occurrence.

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