Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla and Search and Rescue Expert Tim Miller have been at odds and under attack for their involvement in the Casey Anthony Case. This Sunday, they will face off on my radio show. They will also be discussing the Haleigh Cummings’ case. This is not to be missed. Sunday Night at 8:00 p.m. EST.

“Justice is Just a Click Away”




  1. Hi Steph,
    Luv ya but can’t stomach liar Padilla, so sick of him inserting himself into cases for his own PR. He’s the reason there is a delay of justice for Caylee, he interfered by getting Casey out when she may have cracked… but we’ll never know. Recently he said he looked into Misty Croslin’s eyes and knew she was innocent or whatever & would help him find Haleigh. Yeah right. And he said the same thing about looking into Casey’s eyes, that he knew the baby was alive. Yuck, is he a dirty old man and that’s why these are the cases he works on? One other thing, he was only around Casey for half a day or so before she ordered him out of her house, so how could he really know anything?

  2. Leonard spent only 5 minutes in the house. Steph, ask him why he has jumped the fence. Leonard speaks to Baez on a regular basis, per Tony Padilla. Leonard has also been meeting with Todd M. and Mort the PI in CA. Steph, I hope you don’t let this fraud have a platform to spew the defense mantra.

  3. Padilla seems to run with the hares and the hounds. He imo is instrumental for the defence going after Roy Kronk, a flawed but totally innocent man. I hope you ask him how come his girl Friday Tracy, reconciles e mailing Cindy Anthony information/dirt about Kronk and putting money in Casey’s commissary account. That is a matter of public record, though she used her maiden name when she made the deposit. She certainly seemed to have no doubts about Casey’s guilt when she was interviewed by LE. Could you also ask him how Kronk’s girlfiend might have overheard attorney/client conversations between Casey and Baez when her job is within Human Resources. I dont believe for a second Casey Anthony confessed her guilt to a living soul, ergo his absurd daisy chain theory falls apart. Padilla and his cohorts are a menace to the judicial system. His spectacle on the little Econ was so transparently a publicity stunt. Justice for an innocent murdered child means nothing to this man. Padilla has no qualms in now alligning himself with a desperate defence team if he thinks it keeps him relevant to this case. He disgusts me.

  4. I’m with keri! Steph, I too, hope you don’t let LP have yet another platform to spew the defense mantra. We’ve heard quite enough from the defense flapping their lying lips all over the media for the last year and a half. ENOUGH!!!! We NEVER hear the prosecution. NEVER! Always the slimy defense and now Lenny. Poor old Lenny who never could get anything right!!! Sit DOWN, Lenny! Nobody wants to hear you. Give Tim Miller the show! He deserves it.

  5. The pic of Casey on this page is the shot of her I will never forget. It’s not this exact moment, but the same seconds in time…when she smiled. I was watching on CNN and saw it…I got bristles on the back of my neck and said out loud “My God, Ted Bundy”.
    The smile and look in her eyes were identical. Still makes me shiver everytime I see it.

  6. Steph-

    i was very disappointed about you not having TM & LP on the show Sunday. I was not that interested in the “face off” aspect; rather, I think they both still have yet to be revealed info and valuable insight. I imagine if you take the two extremes that they represent, we may find a common ground somewhere in the middle.

    Additionally, and the most disturbing is the reason you provided for canceling the show. You stated that prosecutors contacted Nejame concerned that the discussion btwn TM & LP may reveal info that Baez(& Team) can use to there advantage.

    At the end of the show you stated that LP contacted LE, LE to prosecutors, prosecutor to Nejame…no show because.. “they could give amunition to the defense” and you did not want to give any info that may “sway the defense”.

    WHAT??! Are you serious?

    What do prosecutors, Nejame, TM, & LP know that may aid the defense and why such an overt effort to keep that info secret?

    The fact that prosecutors would even express an opinion is crazy!

    Additionally you stated that you do not want to add to the “circus”. I realize this is your personal show and you have no obligation to present a “fair” & “balanced” platform, nor do you your guest need to represent “both sides” of a subject matter; but such blatant actions as to state that prosecutors, LE, Nejame, and a media source want ot prevent the defense from gaining info is flat out wrong.

    Finally, Rozzie stated that she thought Robyn adams may be a confidential informant for the state, which is highly probable & you skimmed right over it, seemingly deliberate.

    I am not a casey supporter, but this is ridiculous. When did casey anthony become more important than upholding the standards of our justice system?

  7. Scots, I also think Leonard is knee deep in the Kronk ex-wife videos. Leonard was on BNN discussing the Haleigh case on a Sunday and had to leave midway thru the show to meet Caseys attorneys and PI flying in to CA. He stated they were there to discuss Kronk. He is also in the Haleigh case trying to discredit Tim. Leonard needs his @ss sued by Tim and Kronk.

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