The letters that Casey Anthony wrote to another inmate are to be released any second. My source close to the investigation is telling me theses letters contain VERY explicit details of Casey Anthony’s family life. These letters allegedly include allegations by Casey that her brother, Lee Anthony, had sex with her. Now, remember the source of this information — CASEY ANTHONY — who hasn’t told the truth about anything thus far. BUT, let me ask this question again, “Who is the father of Caylee Anthony??” Stay tuned for updates…



  1. How does paternity factor into the investigation or the murder of Caylee Anthony?

    Just look at the pictures of the yearbook (Colonial High School for years 2004 and 2005) and I would think you could find the father. But in order to establish paternity and their involvement in the crime you would have to have them submit where they were on or about June 15-16, 2008 or if they helped her by disposing of the body in the nearby swamp after the fact.

    OR…..If you are only looking for the father than I would suggest looking at:

    1. the men she had relations with during November of 2004 who graduated from Colonial High School and
    2. find out which one lived at Sawgrass apartments at one time.

    Keep in mind that Casey is not a big thinker and relies on the present and what she knows at that time. She never speaks the truth but she always relies on what she knows-no matter how twisted the recollection is.

  2. The whereabouts of the father of Caylee is irrelevant to the case against Casey Anthony, at least according to what the prosecution and the defense attorneys have stated prior.

  3. No one is interested in the paternity of Caylee Anthony other than the person who asked the question.

    Respect for the father is out of the question for many-just finding out who he is and what he looks like is all most questioners are wondering about.

    No sensible person who is seeking justice for this precious victim is remotely interested in who fathered Caylee. If he comes forward and seeks a paternity test and it is revealed that he is the father, I would hope and pray that he contact Mr Ashton and notify him that he will be in the courtrooom as the next of kin. He’ll bring in the little doll that will sit in the empty chair beside Mr Ashton. Perhaps he will have the courage to tell other young people that bringing children into the world and looking the other way can have consequences that they may never anticipate.

    Leave the poor, unfortunate father out of this mess.

    1. Well said Boston, and I agree that the father of Caylee does appear to have no bearing at on this case. But, he may be used by the defense if he has any first-hand knowledge of Casey being the great mother she has proven to be of Caylee.

  4. The father is unknown because he is unknown to the mother. If she knew who he was, the family would have made certain to obtain child support. She didn’t want to tell the truth about being so loose she didn’t know who he was, so she picked a kid who’d conveniently passed on just prior to Caylee’s birth, and pinned it on him.

    A guy who’s been absent and unknown to a child her whole life is not liable to have anything to do with her death. He thus far hasn’t been aware of her life.

    1. To say that Casey does not know the father is pure speculation, and an example of how some people analysis this case by their emotions, and not by the actual facts of this case. But, thanks for proving my earlier points. 🙂

  5. I think Casey Anthony’s circle of friends were close by and although they changed since high school we can assume that he is probably someone in her high school inner circle. Not all of them had intercourse with her in November of 2004. They could come forward and have a paternity test but at what cost?

    Was he just another person Casey manipulated and lied about? Yes. And then there was Jesse to manipulate. Only thing that screwed up this whole scenario for Casey is that Jesse loved Caylee and it didn’t matter whether he was the father or not. He was just a wonderful person.
    It’s just too bad that Casey never considered another alternative- the nearest fire station.
    Anyone would have been better than the person who is so fond of saying, “I was a great mother.’

    1. Yes it is your emotions you are referring to if it is the Casey Anthony case you were referring to here, at least according to the facts of the case. But, it’s OK for you to be incorrect. I just choose, however, to remain factual. I find that an easier path to take and more beneficial to help to educate those less-fortunate of the facts of this case.

  6. The easiest path you have taken in your analysis of this case is to be rude and uninformed. You set the standard and the way of being for all lazy people whose only motivation is to annoy. You have nothing substantive to add to any conversation and you do it so well and so consistently. You have always provided me with a good laugh and tonight is no exception.

    1. Contrary to your inaccurate assertions, Bos, I have never been rude or uninformed on any topic I have posted a comment. I have, however, been factual which is verifiable both in the cases, in Law, and in the study of Psychology. But, thank you Bos for proving my points about people who are not well-educated and not informed enough as they typically attack the messenger of information they remain in denial regarding the cases. But, it may take a better informed person than yourself to actually understand what I have stated. Bash away all you like against those better-informed then yourself Bos, it won’t change the facts of this case, or any case for that matter, and it won’t change your denial of proven and verifiable facts. And, it is the facts that will prevail, not your bashing or your denials. But, thanks Bos for proving my previous points about uninformed people. And, if you were able to learn anything from the facts I posted, you are most welcome.

  7. Mich-I do not want to bash you or anyone. Let’s just allow the good folks from the great State of Florida to exonerate or punish Ms Anthony.

    Happy Easter to you and yours. It was a busy time in my house but finally the sun came out the air was warm-almost 70F. I walked to and from church.

    Take care of yourself and if I hurt your feelings please allow me to make amends by saying it was never my intention.

    1. Thanks Bos, I agree, and I do accept your apologies for bashing the informed. And, a very Happy Easter to you too. May God bless you and your family. You know, we have communicated many times on many sites before, I have always respected your opinion and I find you to be one that is better-informed than most. We have often disagreed, but I just chalk it up to actual “hand’s on working knowledge and access.” I will always listen to what you have to say on issues, I just find it easier to be on the factual end of things verses the emotional and speculative angle. Thanks gain.

  8. Michelle from Madison, You are an idiot. Are you really Cindy Anthony? You are one pitiful human being. Screw u for using our Lord Jesus as a crutch. You are a total piece of garbage. Eat poop and die you inhuman. Casey Anthony killed Caylee. Get a life while u have one. Stop using GOD as a crutch you pos. I have followed this case from Day 1 you loser.

    1. May God have mercy on your soul eastwood34 when the time comes for you. Hope you are praying for forgiveness in your attacks of others you are so very jealous of. There may be redemption for your sins if you ask God for forgiveness. The fact that you do not understand the Casey Anthony case is not a crime or a sin, just confirmation of your lack of abilities to properly and thoroughly do an extensive investigation of things you obviously have not read yet. Maybe when Casey gets released, she can track you down and you two can pray together for your improprieties. 🙂

  9. Boy oh Boy, Baez and Casey put on quite a performance. IMO, The letters were orchestrated to lay the groundwork for mitigating circumstances for the defense. A set up for Casey to testify without being put on the stand.
    What’s with the tag team lovefest?

  10. No, the letters were nothing more than the ramblings of a psychopath. No one is orchestrating anything but rather finding it hard to shut Ms Anthony up. Mr Baez had nothing to do with the letters and he did not know about the breach in security. Mr Baez is suppose to rehabilitate his client not engage his breaking the rules while incarcerated.

    Keep in mind that the mitigating circumstances are moot if Ms Anthony throws away her chances to appeal for MERCY.

    1. Didn’t realize Casey was diagnosed as a psychopath. Interesting. Do you know who made the diagnosis or what firm represented the state in that diagnosis? Do you know the date of the diagnosis? Who dispensed the testing? Qualification-listings on the tester? Any released documents on the testing yet? Release date of testing criteria?

  11. i live in florida not far from orlando. i hear about the case all the time. i do believe that casey has murdered her child. no mother in her right mind would act the way she does. if someone killed my child, i would be beside myself and not be able to function. i feel sorry for her parents and what she has put them thru. As for incest and claiming that her father and brother has molested her, i dont believe anything that that girl says, never have. poor Lee and her parents, how they must feel. Even if it is true, should have been said along time ago, not now.

    1. If you do not believe a word that Casey says, do you want her to take the stand so she can be cross-examined?

  12. Absolutely let her take the stand. Jeff Ashton will destroy her. The civil trail is next month. Baez should be very, very worried.

    1. I don’t believe Baez is worried about anything, It’s a win-win for him, he has no real consequences in his representation of Casey Anthony. Plus, all of the experts have concluded that a conviction of first-degree murder of Caylee by Casey is not obtainable if the facts of the case, rules of Court, Law, and the dynamics of the studies of Psychology are followed. My concern would be the possible jury pool, and the lack of mandating a verifiable educational higher-degree of each participant, and mandating that only professional-background people are in the jury pool.

  13. It is not a win-win for Mr Baez but a life and death struggle for Ms Anthony.
    There is so much evidence linking her to this crime. One can only hope that Mr Mason can save her life from lethal injection.

    Mr Baez was paid for his legal services by reaching into the grave and having the victim pay. Shortly thereafter we see a new death qualified attorney step in and take over the case. Mr Baez entered this case with questionable motives and not with the seriousness of purpose or the experience to handle a capital case.

    Whether or not he ever practices law again will be dependent on how he can rehabilitate his own reputation. He does not meet the standard in criminal procedure skills and his thinking is often times flawed because he is not grounded in the fundamentals of legal thinking.

    Ms Anthony deserved so much more. She deserved what every defendant deserves when charged with Felony Murder that is punishable by death.

    The trier of facts will include 12 good men and woman – a jury of her peers. They will represent the community not institutions of higher learning. They will grasp the enormity of their responsibility and they will not need a degree in psychology or advanced academic degrees to know that Ms Anthony is disordered and dangerous.

    They will know without a shadow of a doubt who killed Caylee Anthony because Mr Ashton and Ms Burdick will lay out the evidence in a logical, rational and cogent manner and will do whatever it takes to convince them that a dangerous homicidal psychopath should never walk free in their community again.

    When you say that this is a win-win for Mr Baez because “he has no real consequences in his representation of Casey Anthony” I honestly have to wonder if you realize the consequences of your own behavior.

  14. Baez wins on either way the case goes. He gets paid and he gets publicity, at least according to the facts. 🙂

  15. That’s not what defense laywers are trained to do. They are trained to find evidence that will exonerate their client. Publicity should never, ever be the goal when defending a client charged with felony murder. A commentor on TruTV during insession remarked that his billable hours amounted to no more than $36.00 an hour and that, my friend, is not the going rate for Felony Murder/DP Capital case. Try a minimum of 500.00 for openers.

    I recall telling you months ago that Casey Anthony had a psychological exam prior to her Bond Hearing. It is sealed in the 5th District Court of Appeals and has been read by Judge Strickland. It is no one’s business what is in that report as it is considered private and for the use of Court and Jail administrators. All we know about the results came from Casey Anthony, she reported to her parents that she did not have a mental illness. She is in the jail and if she is being treated for anxiety or depression she will be treated. That is no one’s business but Casey’s and the attending Orlando Jail attending physician.

    To set her Bond so high was based on what was written. We can only assume that a mental DEFECT was recorded and a dangerousness claim was made. Was she a flight risk? Yes. She left home for 31 days and during the first day away from home she more than likely killed her child. She did not report her missing -because she was dead.

  16. Michelle-Ms Anthony’s mental defect will be the one thing, God willing, that might save her from a lethal injection.

    Ms Anthony should have taken the plea deal offered to her in November 2008.

    Going forward with a trial that will surely bring in all the HACs and the accompaning punishment of death can only be explained by understanding NPD and the progression of her psychopathy.

    Why would she reject a plea deal when she was looking at 23 hours a day in solitary confinement, shackled to the shower and meals shoved through her door.

    She’s pure evil but even folks like Casey Anthony need an opportunity to appeal for mercy, forgiveness and redemption.

    1. No, Casey Anthony’s mental defect, if she even has one (I have seen no reports concluding your assertion), is not the only thing that would save her from a lethal injection as you claim. But, it takes a thorough knowledge and professional experience, imo, to fully understand just how blatantly incorrect you are still, with all due respects. To take a plea, one would have to admit to the crime, and I do not believe she may be guilty of first-degree premeditated murder as she is charged. Quite to the contrary. That’s one of the reasons she has defense attorney’s in-the-know crawling out of the woodwork to assist in her defense. I do respect your opinion Boston and you can remain complacent in your opinion, but if you had actual working knowledge of the justice system, Law, and Psychology, I am quite certain you would feel differently. You are not alone in your current point of view, there are likely millions that obtain their information and collate what they see on television as their basis for their formation of their opinions on this case. I expect come conviction-time, if that ever does occur, I suspect you might become a bit upset and possibly confused with the verdict-result, and may believe Justice was not properly served unto Caylee Anthony.

      1. Boston, here’s a subject matter that illustrates what I said above and hopefully you understand the logic: I believe that people that think Joran VanderSloot, of the Natalee Holloway case, is guilty of killing Natalee are of the same personality-types that believe Casey is guilty of first-degree murder of Caylee. But, in both cases, the facts do not constitute a conviction as charged or arrested for, except to those not familiar enough with the Justice system, Law, and Psychology.

  17. If Joran VanDerSloot and Casey Anthony ever met they would know within a milisecond they belonged together. When both are eventaully incarcerated they will have no trouble adjusting because they will never be alone.

    Woman will be writing to Joran and professing their love and devotion to him. They will come to visit him and eventually he will marry someone with a few bucks. She will be disordered in some way but totally in love. She will stand by her man and do whatever he wants. She will hire the lawyers and work on his appeals and allow the press in to videotape the marriage ceremony. Then they will kiss and she will go home and he will go off to his prison cell to write a letter to his secret admirer.

    Casey Anthony will be so tired of reading the love letters that she will eventually start to respond to several and invite them up to the prison and fall in love with all of them and decide to marry one. They will be faithful and do whatever it takes to get her out of prison and if need be, they will shout from the moutaintop that she is innocent and wrongly convicted. He will go on Larry King Live and talk about her beautiful personality and what a virtuous and pure young woman she is.

    Meanwhile, back at teh prison the meal hall bell rings. Casey is eating her bologna sandwiches and cold slaw making plans with her gal-pal to hook up in the laundry room for a quick one.

    All homicidal psychopaths share one thing in common-they are sexual deviants. Nice folks.

    1. Well said Boston, you could be right on target, who knows? But, Casey has said she doesn’t like bologna. I got a kick out of your comment, but recognized that both Joran and Casey both have not had a psychological evaluation done to the extent of obtaining a diagnosis as a “homicidal psychopath” as you claim they are. I suspect you are just concluding that title from watching television because out of the thousands of pages I have reviewed on the legal issues of both cases, there remains no diagnosis of a homicidal psychopath for either of them.

  18. Medical diagnosis are protected under the law. They are not made public. Like I have told you countless times in the past, Ms Anthony’s psychological evaluation was done prior to her Bond Hearing and her request for a Bail Reduction. Judge Strickland read the report and her Bond was not reduced. The psychological evaluation was sealed and returned to the 5th District Court of Appeals.

    Mr Lenamon, the first death penalty qualified attorney Mr Baez hired proffered a defense of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity. Mr Baez said he did not want to go forward with that defense and Mr Lenamon resigned as Casey Anthony’s lead attorney. I believe he had access to Ms Anthony’s psychological testing report.

    Keep in mind this type of testing takes place at large university settings where lots of longitudinal studies go on. People in this field have extensive experience dealing with psychopaths and they have gained this experience as a result of their work in prisons. That’s where a majority of psychopaths live when caught.

    Of course we know that Casey did not have this testing completed in a Florida university research setting. What we do know for a fact is that she had psychological testing and an evaluation completed by a forensic psychologist hired by the Florida Department of Prison with experience in identifying homicidal phychopaths.

    Inmates need to be protected and this intake information is critical for all jail employees and those that are entrusted in their care and protection.

    1. Since your comment is so lengthy, I will simply respond with that you might actually believe what you just wrote to be correct. I will, however, deal just with the facts of this case which happens to be in conflict to your comment. Yet, written so well. 🙂

  19. You know Michelle I try my best to share what I know to be true. I do not have it in me to lie or to waste your time. The information I have always shared is from documents that have been published by LE, SAO, FDLE, and the FBI. If I make any sense or have writing skills it is because I pour over the docs and have fairly good recall after almost 18 months of reading and discussing the case.

    In my zeal to help you understand this case, I find it hard to limit the length of the post and for this I apologize.

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