1. The description of your show has Sunday, November 8th at 8:00 PM.

    The first available Sunday that falls on the 8th is in August. There is NO Sunday in November that falls on the 8th.

  2. Casey may not have a trial because the defense has argued that the correct charge(s) or the correct person has not been correctly presented or located in order to accurately present a first-degree murder charge against Casey Anthony, which is consistent with the facts of the case. And, will Justice ever prevail for Caylee’s murder? Well, imo, one cannot reach Justice if the prosecutorial side of the Justice plan is so deeply embedded with misconduct (at least 8 officers fired, transferred, or suspended, after Casey‘s arrest), lies, distortions, and inflated charges and accusations against one that cannot be found guilty of the charges brought forward. Simple at that. 🙂

      1. You and me, Red, are of the few that will prevail with the Truth in Justice. But, that only proves that people typically watch too much television and believe what they are told by media-heads that are concerned about their ratings and not actual facts of the cases they cover.

  3. Will she ever have a trial? Hell, yes! She’s too dumb to plea so it will absolutely go to trial. Mason may or may not be attached to the case when it does but nonetheless it will. Whether he makes it to the end or not, his career will take a hit just like every other person on the side of the Defense. Wait for it.

    1. No reason to plead when you’re not guilty of the charge, at least according to the educated, the facts, and the informed. 🙂

      1. Pray tell Michelle where you get your factual information and what does “No reason to plead when you’re not guilty of the charge, at least according to the educated, the facts, and the informed.” mean if not that she’s innocent?

  4. Michelle I am going to challenge you to tell me five good reasons that you think Casey is innocent. Please educate and inform me.
    thanks ahead of time.

    1. To correct your wrong assertion, I have never said Casey may be innocent as you claim. The likelihood of a conviction of first-degree murder of Caylee is highly improbable because the facts of the case do not support a conviction of such if you look closely enough at the actual facts of the case. Try, instead NancyS, to just deal with the facts of the case, instead of your wrongful inaccurate assertions and really try to learn the truth of this case. Thanks ahead of time. 🙂

    1. What confusion do you still have Moonbeam? Maybe someone can help you out. Try, at least, to actually learn the case first, so you don’t end up appearing so confused like NancyS. 🙂

  5. I do not understand why Jose Biaz can sit for interviews, make accusations and then blatantly do the things he has accused others of doing. I have heard him early on accuse the prosecution of trying this case in the court of public opinion, why is that not what he’s doing every time he sits in that chair in front of the press? I would be skeptical of anyone who after only having practiced for three years profess to be an expert in any profession especially the law. It takes much more than that to be considered anything other than a jack of all trades and master of none.

  6. And for JeanneD, why you are so insistent on Casey being innocent as you claim is only anyone’s guess. Try, instead, to actually learn the facts of the case first, and the F.O.I. Act may become useful to clear up some of your confusions.

  7. No way did I insist that woman is innocent. I asked you why you said “No reason to plead when you’re not guilty of the charge, at least according to the educated, the facts, and the informed.” Then said you didn’t say she was innocent. Which is it? And why do you feel you are the only peron on here who actually knows the facts? Are you on the narcissistic side or just a mean hearted person?

    1. Wow, JeanneD, you are even dispensing a diagnosis without a license, which actually is a crime. What I stated in my earlier comment is crystal clear to educated people informed of the facts of this case. While it may take a degree and a license to fully understand this case, perhaps you should have someone help you to re-read my previous comment to help distinguish that the comment remains relevant to your continued confusion. Take small steps, then after you have a discussion with a qualified individual to assist you, if you still are confused, simply come back here and ask your question that has some bearing to the post-topic. Good luck to you.

  8. I feel Caysey will get convicted but won’t get death because during the trial, it will come out how messed up the family is and will feel sorry for her, the parents were even trying to con money from their daughters defense funds, Dominic Casey information revealed, check out (the hinky meter)

    1. You are not alone Doug in your prediction that Casey will be found guilty. There are many that believe the same, and you may be in the majority that believe there is dysfunction within the entire family that think there could be no other option for Casey then to kill her own daughter simply because she wanted to party more often and Caylee was a burden to that type of lifestyle. I believe, however, that obtaining a conviction of first-degree murder against Casey for the premeditated death of Caylee will be nearly impossible, according to the facts of the case. But, there still remains a possibility of that conviction occurring, based solely upon the potential education-level of the perspective-jurors. Because, there is not a legal mandate for those jurors to be of a significant level of completed higher-education. Lesser-educated people are typically easier persuaded, and they interpret some issues much differently than those with a completed higher-education.

  9. If you would spend a bit of time actually reading the posts of others you would be a bit less confused yourself. I did not in anyway diagnose you. I simply asked you another simple question you can’t or won’t answer. You still have not answered my first question. Every one of your posts are nothing but thinly veiled insults spewing out of your fingertips. You really haven’t said anything important on the subject of Casey Anthony. You only do your best to make yourself feel important, educated and in touch by insulting others. You seem to be good at blabbing but there is no content to it. I am not going to spar any longer with a blow hard who cannot even answer a simple question. You do not know me nor know how much education and comprehension on the subject I have. You seem to feel you have captured the title of all knowing. I really pity you for your not having much else to do but surf the net hunting for people to use for the building of your self-esteem.

    1. Thanks JeanneD for proving my points about uninformed people like yourself. Laziness should not be your knee-jerk response, and your wanting to be spoon-fed the information you still lack should not be your immediate approach to every confusion you still have, as you so well document here. Try, instead, to do some actual research, including using the option of the F.O.I. Act. If you have access to actually talking to a higher-educated person who has completed their own degree and has a license, run past your confusion-issues with them first, instead of sticking your own foot back into your mouth. Did you see that Misty may be released sooner than most thought? Good for her, she should take advantage of her opportunities and use her age to her advantage.

  10. Many much more learned than you Michelle, have a pure heart and can see right from wrong without labeling others as being “lesser educated” than who, you? I would venture to say that it is going to shock you that some of those “Lesser educated” people can come to the correct decision far more quickly and more succinctly than you, my fellow poster.

    And they will be able to explain how they got there in no uncertain terms. So rave on, have fun putting others down, and we all will see in the end.

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