“They were making inquiries concerning travel in Mexico and passports, which would indicate there was some type of planning ahead that we weren’t aware of before today,” San Diego Sheriff’s Lt. Dennis Brugos.

So I’m not accused of “releasing sensitive information” I’ve linked to all the media that has written about this latest development. There is no comment or update on the McStay family website about this.

My instincts were always right on this. Something’s fishy, but that doesn’t mean the family is not in danger at this time.



  1. Thanks for the video!

    I agree that someone knows where that family is and that is the little weasel Mike M.!

    These people really did live like pigs. Summer just did not give a flip about those precious boys living in a clean environment. She and Joey are both pigs.

    WHERE are those innocent little boys, Mike M.???????

  2. I think one of 2 things happened, just my opinion….
    1. They staged the whole thing and they are NOT in Mexico. They went across to throw people off and they are back in California somewhere. Not sure why but this keep playing over and over in my head (maybe too much crime TV).
    2. In the weeks after there was “talk” that there was something “funny” about the business partner, then they just stopped talking about it? SOMEONE knows something and I truly believe its THAT BUSINESS PARTNER!

  3. From everything that I’ve read regarding this case, I believe that the McStays left voluntarily and are probably in some nice South or Central American country like Costa Rica by now.

    This is great news for their friends and relatives since it shows that the McStays are most likely alive and well but it leaves a bunch of questions unanswered such as…
    How this family could have left their 2 dogs without food and water.. and their other family members and close friends without notice (which would cause a lot of time and money to be invested into the search for them).

  4. Who said they left the dogs without food or water… Mike M! Some reports had the neighbors feeding the dogs. Now that the FBI is involved they need to check Mike M’s whereabouts on the day they went missing and instead of checking videos going into Mexico, they should check videos of people entering California…probably on the same date.

  5. I wonder if they have enough research to write a “tell all” book on how a family of four can disappear in America, yet? This “Balloon Boy” scam didn’t rake it in or even hold the public interest like they thought it would, did it?
    Maybe they should have chosen a more sympathetic and believable soul to be the “family spokesperson”. MM has been shady from the start. A lesson in contradictions, even.
    He talks to his bro every Friday they are close.
    He misses two Fridays and thinks nothing.
    He goes to the house on the 13th and enters, but thinks they are on vaca.
    He says they would never go anywhere without letting someone know, especially Mexico.
    This is just the tip of the iceberg, but I highly suspect LE is all over the brother McStay.
    Keep on keeping on, Steph!

  6. MM stated time and again that his brother had no dealings in Mexico only to find out that Joseph does business there regularly and even bought granite counter tops for his home there and now as it turns out, Joseph owns property in a Town in Mexico in which the family may have been spotted. As far as not touching their bank accounts…maybe they do not need to as long as they are collecting donations via pay pal on the missing family site. Let’s do the math. If just 1000 peaople donated $10.00 to finding the missing family…how much money is that? Let’s add National exposure via Heraldo (the vaults are filling up for the McStay’s) to CNN…

    1. Wow….makes so much sense. …how is it we make better sense than police….someone get on it…but I do have to say….the mother stated her son had long hair so that could nit have been her son crossing the border…well…why is he pictured with short hair on flyers.

  7. Does anyone have a clue what the status of this case is? The family website has not been updated since 4/1. The family is not doing media interviews.

    Do we assume the family has been located and is choosing to stay away voluntarily?

    1. Eastkent, I have been wondering the same thing. I posted a message for Mike on the family website but it’s still waiting for moderator approval. Every source of information on this case has gone silent, even Steph. Still waiting for the other video(s) he said he had to post. What’s going on?

  8. Diana what evidence do you have to support your claim against this family? do you know them? I was Joeys best friend from 12 to 24 years old. i lost touch about 12 years ago and alot can happen in that time but here is how I knew Joey and Mikey. Joey was not a risk taker and didnt even like to smoke pot when his friends all did.He was the guy that always told you to be careful and take it easy on the partying. He always had a job,from a young age and his family had money and were VERY close.His Brother which you speak of was a little nerd ( no disrespect) and though always a bit off, was a innocent as and polite as could be.He more of an Erkel type than a shady type. I know a lot can happen in 12 years but this is how I remembered him.Show some respect to this family and quit making assumptions when they could have been murdered in cold blood.just prey they turn up.Bless

    1. I also want to say,what if it wasn’t her husband with her crossing the border? How do we know that there isn’t foul play on “her” part? Who buys toys “on the run” unless she’s trying to occupy her children.all I’m saying is someone who hides her real name is a suspect to me….come on the man had 100,000 and a new house a successful business. ..he also recorded EVERYTHING. ..why stop now.I BELIEVE THE HUSBAND IS A INNOCENT MAN and “SUMMER” should be under a microscope.

  9. no i don’t think so not DUPED (something had happen here)
    got to dig deep on this one. there is something here .
    need to look deep in to the toys-his business partners.-his last projet-Mexico,Summer’s-job last home shown -what ,
    what ever happen mr mcstay did not what or have time tell his family members. forced to go or harm would come to him & his family.
    the red kitchen toys set. where did it come from.when did they pick it up.
    did they pay cash.
    you way off if you thing something did not happen here.

  10. why does animal control officers leave food,, and the most damage piece is the home p.c. on how to take children into mexico, someone please explain

  11. Just saw the tv show with this. What about the contractors/carpet/painters that they used to fix the house? They would have had access to the family computer. Did they investigate those people, tv show said they got them & materials off craigslist – which is dangerous. Is it possible someone took those kids. Did contractors come there with vehicles to their homes or was there one that worked but, was dropped off or picked up. A to Z, pick it apart, follow the money or assets, which could be the children to someone. Dump their phone records and check out the craigslist contacts. Obviously, someone wasn’t after money so, that only leaves a limited number of things they could be after. Per tv children were seen in Baja @ restaurant, left a map, no prints on it that belonged to Joseph or Summer – so, someone kidnapped those kids. Doesn’t look like a human trafficking issue since it was a couple. My guess would be a barren couple that were connected via craigslist.

  12. I am still waiting for answers on this case as some time has passed now and it’s not easy to hid a family of four forever. I wonder if the Contractors that worked on the home- did any of these have violent/criminal pasts? Have the LE ever made a statement as to what they think happened? Also what about using going to a medium- someone who is repuatable with LE? Also where did the $100,000. come from as they were evicted from their last home in San Clemante-which was a stark contrast to the way they were living when they disappeard….remodeling and buying a $300.000 home..their life style became suddenly so much better….what happened to cause this? Did the business really take off in that short of time?…..they only had been evicted right before moving into the house! I’d look at property/court/public records for some clues. Was there possibly a silent partner in the business or someone who privatly funded their lifestyle?
    And if so why? Their bank records should tell a story as well. What purchases were made prior to their disappearence? Groceries or lack of might also tell what was going on. What about the lack of clothing in the home? Has anyone checked on any mail /packages sent out prior? I still hold hope that they are found together and well. How awful it must be for their family and hriends-the not knowing if they are safe.

  13. They had recently purchased a house, were renovating, had money in the bank. Did they come into money from something/someone shady and suddenly get threatened and feel they had to get out fast? If they owned a house in Mexico, that means they “know” Mexico, and just went over there asap to escape whoever was threatening them. People get scared and run. That’s my take. They are “lost” in Mexico, their choice.

  14. The strange thing about this whole mystery is why no withdrawals were made from their bank account. The TV show said no one had taken any money out. If they were voluntarily going someplace, the first thing you’d do is take money from your account to cover costs and to exchange money.

    Perhaps someone is controlling them, their actions and words. That’s why no withdrawals have been made to their account.

    I’m curious to find out why…if they chose to leave, why did they not inform anyone? Why would they just abandon their house and car? They just bought the house and just remodelled it so why would you want to leave?

  15. If you watch the video of them going to look at the house they may buy, you have to listen closely, but Summer is very negative and unhappy about living in this area. She makes several remarks during the video and Joseph keeps saying positive things while she keeps hurling snide remarks his way. I would look at her as the suspect. She did not want to live there and could have been very unhappy, eventually ending up in a violent argument that ended in Joseph being killed. She could have needed time to get rid of his body, then escape into Mexico with the kids, possibly another man involved??

  16. white people bull crap as usual. If they had been black they would have foreclosed on the house in the first week they were missing.

  17. Maybe Summer McStay is responsible. She was upset about moving to the mountains. It was the only place they could afford to live. Maybe she decided she no longer wanted to be with Joe. Maybe there’s more to their marriage than anyone knew. Perhaps she allowed someone to gain access to their home, and played along with a kidnapping. She had her husband taken care of, and decided to run to Mexico with the kids and some guy. That would explain why the man crossing the border with her doesn’t fit Joe’s description. It would also explain the frozen accounts. If it was Joe’s account, she wouldn’t have access to that money. If it was a joint account, withdrawing a huge amount would make her a suspect. She changed her name and started fresh before. Maybe Summer McStay decided to do it again.

    But that’s just a speculation. I don’t know all the details and I didn’t know them personally. When I heard that Joe’s brother said that the guy in the border-crossing surveilance video didn’t fit his brothers height and weight, that’s the first scenario that came to mind.

  18. I don’t think they disappeared on their own. Who’s to say those kids weren’t kidnapped by another couple, or a human trafficker? Summer had long brown hair; the woman in the “border video” had short hair, Joey has long hair and the man in the video had short hair. I believe the children were taken, parents disposed of somehow (Summer sold to sex/trafficking or killed, Joey killed), the car was dumped by the border to throw authorities off. Maybe someone knew they planned and were researching a vacation in Mexico and figured it would be an opportune time to sell/take them. White children are very expensive in the Mexican human trafficking trade; that would buy a lot of heroine/coke/etc. They could have dumped the car, and a decoy couple walked across the border with those kids to throw off authorities and make them believe they disappeared on their own. I believe they would have told their family if someone was after them. Why would they leave without taking their $100,000 and their CAR? Who would run from “bad guys” without a car and have to hitchhike, as a family of four with no money and have to depend on others? Come on! Wouldn’t someone have seen them hitch kicking or walking the streets of Mexico by now? If there is a different couple or a single person with those kids, they would not be recognized, especially if the birthmark is covered (i.e. cheap Mexican plastic surgery or even a hat?). And another thing; the fingerprints on the map… They were not the parents’ fingerprints, but the birthmark on the child was noticed by the waiter; how many white kids are there with large red birthmarks on that exact place on their forehead, in Mexico with their brother and a couple? It’s a classic kidnapping case. I believe they were taken shortly after shopping and picking up those toys. Who would buy a bunch of toys then leave without anything but the clothes on their backs?? Someone close to them or maybe a contractor/business partner had Mexican connections and perhaps Summer or Joey shared with one of them the research of their Mexican vacation plans, or perhaps one of the contractors Googled it on the couple’s computer to throw authorities off. Then, they were somehow subdued, their car was dumped, the decoy couple walked across the border with the kids, and the parents were disposed of. That’s my theory in a nut shell.

  19. Jessie, but where do you think the parents are even if they are dead? There would be evidence by now… and Summer supposedly is 11 years older than Joseph?! That’s strange if true and also her changing her name multiple times. Something happened, but it not money motivation, unless someone is collecting from that paypal system, but still i don’t think that would be worth more than 100,000 dollars! I think this is either a great story and were all getting fooled, like they’re in WP or something, OR something really did go wrong and like you said the kids were sold to Mexican criminals or something. What do you think the chances are they all 4 could be together today?? This is a crazy case and I live right by where they lived when they disappeared. To strange to be true, I can’t believe it.

  20. contractors
    all Ross stores within a 60 mile radius
    forensic trace evidence in /on vehicle
    parking lot video
    parking lot witnesses
    similiar crime data base
    trace evidence on toys
    trace evidence in and around house
    scent dogs
    forensic computer analysis
    full identification and questioning of couple with map
    known medical conditions
    contacting surfing businesses and locales in Mexico

    I do believe the show”Dissappeared” does not fully disclose all information. Many are open and onging. To me it was obvious the main investigator seems to believe the McStay family left of their own accord. What info does he have, that we don’t. Might make all the difference.

  21. contractors
    all Ross stores within a 60 mile radius
    forensic trace evidence in /on vehicle
    parking lot video
    parking lot witnesses
    similiar crime data base
    trace evidence on toys
    trace evidence in and around house
    scent dogs
    forensic computer analysis
    full identification and questioning of couple with map
    known medical conditions
    contacting surfing businesses and locales in Mexico

    I do believe the show”Dissappeared” does not fully disclose all information. Many cases are open and onging. To me it was obvious the main investigator seems to believe the McStay family left of their own accord. What info does he have, that we don’t. Might make all the difference.

  22. I watched the “disappeared” episode last night and admittedly had not seen much else about the story, and was struck by the story. I dreamed about it and am disturbed by what else I have read online. Here’s my take, for what it’s worth.

    I live in south Texas, about 4 hours from the border and am a Caucasian mother of two almost 3 year old twin boys.
    Before I had kids, and before the violence escalated so badly in Texas border towns, my family traveled to Mexico a lot. We did not drive our car across, but walked because most people feel that driving your car across is more dangerous. Traffic is terrible, and a ticket could mean your car gets impounded.
    I know many people who used to go across to buy building materials, furniture, pharmaceuticals, and dental work. Food is great, too. We went many times for meds that were cost prohibitive in the states, you just go a few blocks and there is a pharmacy, no Rx needed. We would park in a free parking lot and walk.
    Admittedly, I would not go now. Or with my kids, but if it wasn’t so dangerous, I would google beforehand what I needed to cross over with my kids (passport, birth cert, etc). In Texas you used to not need anything but a license, and then only when you came back across. If you drove, you needed more documentation.
    It’s odd that they would leave their dogs, family, car, money, car seats, asthma meds if planning to abscond. What parent would buy toys before absconding? What mom wouldn’t clean up the house a little if she knew she would not be coming back?

    My theory: for unknown, but innocent reasons they took a semi-planned day trip to Mexico border town, and in a dangerous and populous and unfamiliar area went down the wrong street and met with the wrong people. My heart breaks for the family. Possibly a gang or cartel group sold or kept the kids (maybe that was the kids in baja) and the kids don’t remember enough to tell anyone what went wrong, or are too scared.
    Very few people can or even would purposely disappear, and how difficult would that be with two kids?!
    Unfortunately, I think it might be that horribly simple.

  23. I think they somehow came into money illegally via their ‘business’ in Mexico, and that Michael wanted a piece of the action, or he knew where they had some cash stashed. He was probably the one Googling the Mexican passport nonsense on their computer to set them up to look ‘voluntarily missing’, and then he offed them. His demeanor is just so suspicious to me, he always looks like he’s tweaking and beyond nervous. I do not trust him, and I believe he is capable of murdering all 4 of them. Truth crushed to Earth shall rise again….just wait and see!

  24. Hello!!!!!!
    who is she what is her back round why did she change her name!!
    detectives need to follow her trail,she is the key to solving this!!!
    someone she new someone she knows !!!!
    why would she lie about her age !
    she must have been scared of something or someone, find that someoneor something and this case could be solved!!!!

  25. i seen it as a cry for help when i seen it. but its just me. will start with the house. the dogs left out side no food no water. id think so that they would bark wake people up call a family member to notice that they left fast. stuff still out. they were still gone for four days no one was looking there last hope leaving the car. just hoping it be towed fast. they left it late they saw the tow sighn. hoping it be picked up and they would find them fast. also the walking accros the boarder. i think they were walking slow. i know when i walk with a kid i walk faster then the kid where id have to stop and wait a sec for his little legs to catch up. the were walking slow like this is us help. also if i were gonna o that id carry my kids. they choose to walk them to prove hey look its us. i think they were in trouble idk what but thoses are the sighns i see.

  26. I have read all the posts n comments and think alot of people have sincere theories as to how they disappeared. It sure is a mystery. Check out homeless or transient people lurking or living near by the bridge. Or drug dealings n that area??? Sumone could have been passing thru or watching the mcstays or saw an opportunity and went for it. Mabey a drug dealer n disguise near bridge or transient people i heard of one named zeke that used to live near the river up there. I dont live anywhere in the san diego area but this is sad n two years pass n nothing. Foul play is definetly there n this sounded like a very all american family. Check out all the people or criminal activity over the years there n mabey parloees.

  27. Hi i too have been following the case for a long time been obsessed with it.I found if u look under public land records or forclosure listings about the house summer and joesph got house was forclosed on 11-9-09 they moved in around 11-20-09 before it made it to market the mortage company is stewart title of california inc. its under public buisness records and they have it under lisa aranda as senior title officer the inc. one closed three yrs. ago with better business bureau there is a different company well the actual company is stewart title of california i believe they were taking companies already established adding inc. to trick people to steal money by the time people realized they were long gone also the water fountain business also took that name too check businesss records on these people names you will find alot and plenty of reasons to leave and not worry about money they were are very intelligent people and check out mers inc. too theres no telling how many people have been scammed this is just my opinion please check records it cost nothing google is all u need sorry couldnt give exact wording on cellphone

  28. Now, may their memory be eternal! There is a McStay family in Craig. There are two McStays had died in Craig, one Cheryl (McStay) White and Allen Charles McStay. Allen was kicked by a horse and never recovered for over 30 years.

  29. I am a former private detective-the border crossing was a coverup-the man is a head too tall and joseph was muscular and bushy haired-the police set aside this case due to a multi player coverup-soneone,probably2 had to kill the mcstays in mojavi-while someone else drove the car to the border and purchased all the toys found in the car to make the crossing look real– the children crossing the border were girls(hats)-no boy would wear a girls hat .summer mcstay saw or knew something that ended in their silencing–a 4 year old child was the defining witness in a murder case last year-so they killed these beautiful children. I believe that this case has to do with human trafficking.;

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