This is the first of several video clips I will be posting that I shot inside the McStay  Family home.

Does the condition of the home leave any clues as too what happened to the family, and why they just  seemingly disappeared?

Part 1

Part 2



  1. Does not look like such a huge mess to me. I would also assume that they had some shoes on their feet. Little worried about Tim. Are you in charge of him Steph?

  2. Geez, edocol. Get a frigging clue, will ya?

    Steph has brought us video that no one else has. He reported what Tim said and he did say it.

    I saw the first, longer video that Steph posted.

    How dare you diss Tim Miller and TES!! He is an honorable man, and it is easy to tell you are not honorable in the least.

    Summer was a pig, yes, PIG! The housekeeping was slovenly. The boys always look like raggamuffins and dirty. Joey looks as if he has not shaved in forever. Joeys mother stated in a news article that Summer is 11 years older than Joey, so Summer is a liar as well.

    I am in fear for those two innocent little boys.

    And, edocol, you can go where the sun doesn’t shine. What is your obsession with this case anyway? Are you a boyfriend of Summer’s???

    1. You can stop blaming Summer now. As the recent events show, she as well as her husband Joseph, and sons Joseph Jr. and Gianni are sadly no longer alive.

    2. what gets me no money or credit cards were used just prior or after their disappearance. I wonder if the dogs were let out to avoid barking and why didn’t the dogs barked loudly if they were outside????? it seems to me that if the were forcibly taken against their will they knew of their attackers???? and the fact the car was near the Mexican border maybe it was a plot to through people off their trail and their bodies were found in the U.S not far from their house. such a mystery??? maybe they are in witness protection program but their bodies were found. and the fact that their dogs had no food/water and food laying out???? maybe all of this was staged to throw people of their track???? but the biggest clue would be if they were in trouble what about the dogs wouldn’t their bark their heads off??? is that why they were left outside without food and water???? and even being outside wouldn’t they detect yelling and screaming???? maybe the family knew their attackes??? invited them in????? was it a drug killing??? was the husband or the wife involved with the mob or drugs or something not right here??? too many answered questions??? in the video that must of been chilling to go into their house???? I think a lot of it should be based on the dogs if anyone heard them barking during that time period???? that should be a start????

      1. brainstorming on this is a good thing, like your doing with your post. his business may have connections in mexico -construction materials used to smuggle drugs. you fall in with the wrong people – the cartels in mexico are know for killing family members. she lined up that new house in fallbrook and the transfer was a one day quitclaim deed. whose money? they said summer would not set foot in mexico, why??? did she have some connections there? her family is so secretive -they must be profiled with their connections. the tiajuana border is very corrupt on both sides- even san ysidro side. they left in a hurry- not planned by them- I would offer big rewards at the border area and in TJ drug areas and construction material places joe may have dealings. used to smuggle drugs inside materials.

  3. Hey, Steph, when I got to this site soon after the first tape went up, it was almost 7 minutes long. Now it has been pared down to just over 3 minutes. What gives????

  4. Did you see Michael and his mother on Shep Smith? Shifty eyes and flat out deception. IMO, Micheal is knee deep in this BS and now scamming people for money.

  5. I still call NO FAIR in that there was originally a 7 minute video up FIRST that was a little over 7 minutes long. I WATCHED IT, and it had a part from the garage.

    WHERE is that video, Steph????

  6. You called it Steph by stating something was “fishy”. Now there have been spotted in a Mexican fishing town. You know your shit!

  7. Michael failed to disclose that the McStays own property in Merida, Mexico. Just posted on Ws. Summers sister in Barra Navidad, Mexico with Crazy Cactus Real Estate. Oh man, what a tangled web we weave.

  8. Steph: when are you going to update us on this case?
    If you can’t, can you at least say why?

    And Sammy, your comments are rude and unnecessary. You sound like a sad bitter person. Is this the best you have to offer, name-calling and accusing? Very impressive–NOT.

    Steph: why won’t you put the 7 minute video back up? After all, that is where these people got the idea that Summer is such a bad housekeeper (apparently Joey is off the hook because everyone knows it is womens work to keep the house clean. Right.)

  9. No updates on Family website in almost a month. However Michael McStays wife Erin posted on her FB page how bored she was and had nothing to do. Now her husband Mike has said he thinks the boys were taken from some sex perp, and his Brother and sil are dead. Yet his wife is so bored and hasn’t a thing to do. Why not answer question from the friends of the family, asking for updates…This STINKS to high heaven! Were they running some scam rescue your house site, was Summer doing adult activities? Furs and high heels…what do you need furs for in Cali? Their good friend Mcgyver wished them well and told Joey when he comes back he has a job lined up for him. WTH?????????????????

    1. Really Diane, you think that because she had fur coats she was a whore?

      And since when was it Erin’s job to update YOU on an FBI investigation? I mean seriously, this sense of entitlement that you have is beyond ridiculous.

      Grow up Diane, and stop spending your life gossiping about people.

      1. I thought that too. she could have been a prostitute. She changed her name and lied about age. she could be hiding from some serious monster she gotten involve with
        And joey never knew. I’m thinking she had a baby right away to make him stay.

  10. Freddypiq, why are you selling your Brother’s business? Did Joey say you could sell it? Why didn’t you just tell the truth @ the start of this whole deal?

  11. you going loco again? Looks like the whole family may go down. So many scam sites it’s hard to keep then straight.

  12. You are aware LE has the tape of before they left that night. I wonder what they packed up. We know the were sleeping on blow up beds. They never intended to stay at that house. Who helped them pull this off?

  13. Freddiepiq, your the one who said the McStay’s ran away via Chino airport. Why so hostile little guy? Must you be so foul? You also said they were into some real estate scam. Did you forget what you posted early on? I wish the family would just be honest with people instead of mislead everyone. I hope they all come home soon safe.

  14. So now little Mikey is trying to sell EIP, huh? How can he do this? Can’t be legal.

    And just who is this Cora person who says Joey was such a great guy and made a great living off EIP? Look at the stats for the hits of EIP in the months prior to them going missing. Not enough hits for any business. I hope LE has interviewed this Cora person because she cannot be on the up and up either. She also said she had talked with Joey about 2PM and he sounded fine. Susan said she had talked with him just after lunch time and he had to pull over from being sick. They are all liars, LOL!

    Where are the little guys, and why hasn’t this family begged for Joey and Summer to at least let them know they are okay?

    Summer and Joey will be found some day when they least expect it. Just watch and see.

    1. They sure were found when they least expected it. Look at all of these comments. YOU ARE ALL PRIME EXAMPLES OF ARROGANCE AND IGNORANCE!

  15. I’m wondering if the McStays are dressing “g” in girls clothing to pass him off as a girl. They were buying size 6 girl clothing before they left. Is this why Interpol does not have him listed? Steph, when will you be able to speak about this again?

  16. This is sad to see such hostile environment around a family that went missing.

    Hopefully they are all found and everything makes sense one day.

    God Bless.

  17. I think she did something to the boys. It looks like she was understress with house work. A friend claimed that he had to calm her down bc she was going on about the painting. She called wanting anger medicine. I have a feeling she snapped and her husband might of help her get rid of the bodies and they just left. This is something im wondering.

  18. I have just watched a show about this family on disappeared and am obsessed! I agree with you – nobody sleeps on blow up mattresses night after night. Something is fishy

    1. FYI: In Steph’s video it was stated that the Moving POD had not arrived yet, so they did not have all of their furniture, plus, with the painting/renovating, it would have been best to ‘slum it’ for a few weeks, until the painting and renovations were done, then move-in all of the furniture afterwards, that way it didn’t get in the way. So sleeping on airbeds is not out-of-place but no sheets on the bed is not correct, especially since no bed sheets were ever found, although they could have been in the Dryer but I see the investigators didn’t look in ALL crevices, but they got a lot of them. 😉

      The main thing I don’t like about the whole story is Joseph’s family did not feed the dogs, especially Michael. Why was the family staying away from the house and not feeding the dogs? Also, I thought it was a little too convenient that a window was left open, that Michael could use to gain entrance to the house?

      Plus, it’s OBVIOUS that Chase was setup, given the distance necessary to drive to plant them where they were found, then to drive their vehicle to the border with Mexico to leave it. That’s what’s known as back-tracking and STUPID. If Chase would had done it, he wouldn’t plant them in his OWN backyard, plus, the last minute phone call to Chase, from Joseph’s cell phone, is further suspicion that Chase was setup to be the fall-guy.

      Chase Merritt CLEARLY did NOT do it and all points to either Michael or another employee/associate that worked for Joseph?

      Ribbit 🙂

  19. You should of showed the house more instead of following around the person in the video. I really wanted to see more of the house because I’ve read so much about the condition it was left in, but the person in front of the camera kind of blocked the view. Thanks anyway, and my condolences.

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