JOIN TIM MILLER TONIGHT LIVE AT 8:OO p.m., as he reacts to what really happened, and why this is so important to the case. Also, Rozzie Franco has exclusive information on what drove George Anthony’s mistress to attempt suicide, and I have information on the Haleigh Cummings’ case you won’t believe.  Art Harris joins in…

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  1. God bless Tim Miller. And what the hell is wrong with Padilla? Why is he now on the wrong side of this mess ~ pro-Anthonys, pro-Baez, pro-Defense?

    I remember when he was just a cowboy hat and a toothpick that we could all laugh at because almost everything he said/predicted turned out to be wrong, but he has crossed the line from comical bounty hunter to lying openly to anyone who cares to listen. Tsk tsk, Padilla. Don’t you care that nobody respects or believes anything you say any more? Shame on you.

  2. Great program tonight.Best wishes to Tim Miller.What a great guy he is to give so much of his life searching for the missing. As for Padilla his first mistake in my book was to go to Florida.Casey needed to be left right where she was.I haven’t believed one word he’s said.Daisy Chain.No Way!All BS He just likes being on NG adding nothing but fairy tales.Great job Steph.

  3. Would like clarification or further details re Art Harris’s statement that River Cruz (pronounced Cruise not Cruzz I think?) was involved with George Anthony prior to Caylee’s murder. I’m almost positive that he did make that statement but it was just glossed over or ignored. Very important news if a description of the nanny, including her Asian tattoo, does fit with River’s appearance. Do you know any further details?

  4. Well, TM is a big boy, surely he can take it. Why is it rehashed online over and over? Did he spend all that money in the search just because he was mad at her? Surely they’ve been fly fishing before…hip boots would have sufficed to enter the area where the body was found…at least then tissue would have been attached even if something had been moved or crushed in the process.

    Why did he use a middle aged hooker in this load of crap. I used to think he was credible; not anymore.

  5. Yes Terry, all of the information is available through the use of F.O.I.A. (Freedom of Information Act).

  6. I believe Tim Miller to be a great man. He does so much good. There are those that slam him, but could not walk for a second in his shoes.
    I was amazed at the new info in the Haleigh case. OMG! Misty and Donna had a ad on Craigs list in order to pimp themselves out. This was on Janurary 12th,2010. WOW! She and Ron were allegedly back together. OH! that is right! citizens of Satsuma have said that Ron even pimped Misty out for drugs( rumor ;not confirmed). This was no shock to him as long as she brought back his fix. Tim Miller told us of how Misty was said to have had a three-some and Ron and his mother Teresa were aware of it. Just more kick backs as Ron would say. Poor little Haleigh. I believe Ron knows what happened to his daughter,along with Misty.
    May God lead LE to the truth to finding Haleigh and may those involved receive the maximum penalty Justice will allow.

  7. If Tim was not called upon for his services, then he might be guilty of impeding and/or interfering with an active police investigation.

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